Medical Assistant Instructor - AC

  • Advanced College
  • 13180 Paramount Blvd
  • Posted: Jan 08, 2019

Job Description


Prepare syllabus in accordance with the course. Delivers class and/or clinical instruction according to an approved course syllabus using accepted and effective teaching methods; develops daily lesson plans; advises and tutors students; maintains current and accurate attendance and grade records.


* Submits timely required college reports and forms
* Teaches and implements the total curriculum, as assigned by, and under the direction and supervision of your direct supervisor.
* Plans and assigns student activities in the classroom and/or clinical settings.
* Maintains records of student progress and performance, attendance and grades.
* Prepares, administers, and grades, written and practical examinations during course of study.
* Devises written lesson plans and implements them through lecture, demonstration, and discussion.
* Participates in regularly scheduled meetings with Program Director or her designee.
* Is responsible to assist the student to develop an understanding of values, attitudes, and ideals appropriate to the health care profession.
* Participates in the selection and preparation of instructional materials.
* Provides a professional role model for students.
* Develops and utilizes a course syllabus for each course, following established institutional guidelines
* Advises students in academic matters, providing timely, quality access to students through electronic communication and other appropriate methods
* Evaluates students by a variety of means to measure their progress in achieving course objectives and inform them in a timely manner of their progress

* Must have experience as a Medical Assistant: 3 years (Preferred)
* Medical Assistant License
* Educational Transcript