Sales and Marketing Manager - Full-Time

  • Marshall Pines
  • 743 N Belair Rd
  • Posted: Jan 04, 2019

Job Description


To enhance census development and increase private pay referral base in designated facilities through professional relationships, ongoing education to services and community outreach opportunities. This position will assist and oversee internal lead management system, Public Relation activities, and Public Educational Outreach Programs. In addition, they will monitor referral source satisfaction and outcomes. They are responsible for communicating market conditions and opportunities to facility and management staff. They will oversee any media campaign management.
A primary role for them is to be the resource for those needing our services.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements::

* Direct sales experience with demonstrated results.
* Experience in a retirement, nursing home, or assisted living industry.
* Organized team player with the ability to multi-task in a team environment.
* Proven skills to work independently. Be self-motivated and goal-directed.
* Excellent interpersonal skills.
* Excellent written communication skills.
* Excellent listening skills with ability to match resource to need.
* Must be capable of maintaining regular, reliable attendance.
* Computer literacy.
Essential Functions::

* Create new and service existing relationships with nursing homes, retirement centers, physicians and their related office staff, hospital staff including social workers, discharge planners, utilization review, volunteer coordinators, rehabilitation director, chaplain service, pastors, senior services including senior centers, board and care homes, adult day care centers, home health and other community-based referral sources which result in referrals to the community.
* Participate in local organizations, identified as bringing value, by making presentations and joining as a member where appropriate in order to facilitate a broader knowledge of the assisted living industry and in particular of the community (communities) capabilities.
* Participate as an active leader in the community relating to strategic planning for the developments of marketing action plan and related sales efforts. As time allows participate in weekly department head meetings and provide support and direction in achieving overall occupancy goals and programs to address any new needs or changing needs within the service area. Attend community special events to increase awareness among potential referral sources and customers.
* Prepare reports as required. Create an advance 30 /60 /90 day sales plan and monitor referral information, create client profiles and maintain working client profile base.
* Develop and implement special events and presentations targeted as community education, establishing and maintaining status for the community as the expert on assisted living.
* Monitor trends and conversion ratios.
* Maintain a database of medical contacts/community resources along with knowledge of industry trends and legislative/regulatory issues; communicate this information with other staff members.
* Monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction. Share results with the Administrator and staff. Work as part of the team to develop appropriate plans to continually improve satisfaction levels.
* Serve as a member of the marketing team whose purpose is to improve occupancy and enhance resident and community relations. Attend weekly meetings; assist in implementation of quarterly marketing plan, monitor budgets and track results.
* Develop and implement special events and presentations targeted at community education, establishing and maintaining status for the facility as the expert on assisted living.
* Assist Customer Service