Social Worker - Part Time - Part-Time Varius Shifts Available

  • NHC Place Farragut
  • 120 Cavette Hill Lane
  • Jan 03, 2019
Allied Health

Job Description

Part Time, Prefer 3 days per week ( 16 hours ) with flexible schedule. 32 hours per pay period.:


* Director of Social Services
* Administrator
* Consultation on a regularly scheduled basis with a regional social work consultant.

* Experience in dealing with people in crises is preferable.
* Knowledge of the case management process, needs of geriatric patients, health care settings, working knowledge of funding resources such as Medicare Part A, B, C and D, Medicaid, Managed Care and other private insurances.
* Imagination and creative ability, skill in working cooperatively with other professionals, ability to organize and carry out responsibility efficiently and effectively.
* Ability to communicate effectively and appropriately both verbally and in writing in a wide variety of circumstances.
* Commitment to the mission and goals of the center.
* Ability to exercise independent judgment where procedures cannot be standardized.
* Ability to attend annual NHC sponsored social work conferences. These conferences may be out of town and require overnight stays.
* Dedicated totally to the success of the center and The Better Way culture.
* Degree Requirements:
* Prefer Master’s degree in Social Work from school or university accredited by the council on Social Work education or
* Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from accredited college or university or
* Other related human services field degree.

* Able to lift 60-70 lbs. on occasional basis.
* Able to bend, stoop, squat and twist numerous times daily.
* Able to see and hear adequately in order to respond to auditory and visual requests from patients.
* Able to speak in a clear concise voice in order to communicate with patients who may be hearing impaired.
* Able to carry out fine motor skills and manual dexterity.
* Able to manage own stress effectively.
Working Conditions::

* Well lighted, well ventilated office space with privacy available for interviewing.
* Interacts with general public under all conditions. Much of the work involves difficult circumstances, patient and families in emotional distress, severe illness, dying, death and grief, confusion, combativeness, ill-temper, etc.
* Must be alert to possible injury, changing conditions in patients, and appropriate responses.
* Constant pressure to respond maturely and effectively with patients, families, other staff and other professionals.
* Must appropriately represent center in dress and demeanor per the partner handbook and any written regional policy.

(Note: Specific duties are assigned at the discretion of the SWS Department Head and may be adjusted to meet the needs/expertise of personnel available.)

General Description::

* In the absence of the Admissions Coordinator, this position will be able to coordinate admissions to the center, including handling inquiries either over the phone or in person; and conduct a needs assessment of the patient seeking admission and consideration of alternatives, if center is not capable of meeting these needs.
* Share current information available about funding resources.
* Work with individual patients and families toward adjustment to center life and to crises of illness, disability, and death.
* Serve in an advocacy role for patients and their families in expressing, defining and resolving grievances.
* Coordinate discharge planning functions.
* Participate in developing patient care plans in cooperation with individuals from other disciplines.
* Participate in in-service training programs.
* Evaluate the quality of social services as part of the center’s overall quality improvement program.
* Develop and maintain contacts with appropriate community agencies.
* Handle some marketing activities/functions assigned by SWS Department Head.
Admission: :

* Interview and develop trusting relationship with applicants and their families.
* Obtain accurate, relevant information to be used in determining appropriateness of placement.
* Serve as liaison with hospital, family, and patient in effecting admission or in assisting in arranging alternative placement.
* Provide family and patient with accurate, up to date information regarding funding resources such as Medicare Part A, B, C and D, Medicaid, and Private insurances.
* Understand closing techniques and procedures and when designated by the Director of Social Work Services, participate in closing a sale (admission).
Inquiry Management: (In the absence of the Admissions Coordinator):

* Be available to take inquiries at all times.
* Obtain sufficient information for compilation of official waiting list, following state regulations for maintenance of waiting list, if applicable.
* Maintain appropriate documentation for waiting list, if applicable.
* Maintain professional working relationship with area hospitals, keeping them currently apprised of services available and criteria for admission.
* Stay in contact with families on inquiry list to assess current status or as required by State regulations.
Room Assignments::

* Participate in room assignment decisions.
* Notify patients and families of room change decisions.
* Notify departments involved in room changes.
* Document Room Changes.
Medical Records: :

* Document, clearly and legibly, 24 hour social work assessment for new admissions (see specific instructions and format in the Social Work Services Manual).
* Prepare and document the Social Work Psychosocial Assessment/History within required time frames.
* Document reports of progress at required intervals.
* Participate in preparation of Admission Summary Sheet and Patient “MDS Form”.
* Discharge Follow-up reporting as applicable.
Patient Care Planning Conference: :

* Work as a member of an interdisciplinary team.
* Prepare for PCP conference with evaluation complete, including problems identified, goals, and approaches
* Participate in patient care planning conference.
* Coordinate discharge planning as agreed upon by patient, family and care plan team.
* Assume organizational or leadership roles for conferences as needed.
* Appropriately advise families and patients of plan of care.
Ombudsman: :

* Inform patient and family of patient’s rights and advance directives.
* Maintain relationship with patient and family in order to facilitate early identification of potential problems.
* Maintain close working relationship with all other departments in appropriately resolving grievances.
* Identify and report trends or patterns of complaints to the Director of Social Work Services.
* Keep appropriate written records of grievances, to whom reported, and how resolved.
* Establish, maintain, and record minutes of Family Council (as appropriate).
* Manage difficult or emotional customer situations.
Case Management with patients and families::

* Respond to immediate need of any patient or family referred by floor staff, DON, therapists, administrator, or physician.
* Encourage maximum participation of family in meeting needs of patients.
* Assist in arranging transportation when required.
* May, with consent of administrator, establish group of clients with specific therapeutic goals.
* Respond promptly to customer needs.
* Proactively work to meet and/or exceed customer expectations.
* Build a relationship of trust and respect with customers.
* Develop knowledge of criteria utilized by Medicare and other third party payors for continued stay authorization in order to educate patient and families.
Transition/Discharge Planning::

* Obtain information from family and patient on admission regarding expectations and resources available for discharge planning.
* Collaborate with other care plan team members to develop individualized patient discharge plans through the patient care planning conference and through level of care meetings.
* Coordinate in-house planning and assist patient and family in obtaining services needed to assure continuity of care.
* Provide information to other centers with which there is a Transfer Agreement on discharge.
* Participate in Utilization Review to advise committee on discharge planning.
* Document discharge planning in patient’s medical record.
In-Service Education::

* Participate in continuing education programs available, with consent of Social Work Services Director.
* Participate in in-service education of staff in areas of expertise, especially emotional needs of elderly, patient’s rights, confidentiality and the Abuse Policy.
Quality Improvement::

* Participate in quality improvement program of center.
* Understand the QI process using Rapid Cycle techniques.
* Participate in survey processes conducted by state regulatory agencies.
Other duties which may be assigned by Director of Social Work Services.:


* The social worker is responsible for the quality of social services rendered by the center.
* Report to the Director of Social Work Services the current status of social services and present needs as perceived by the social worker.
* Understand and abide by established policies of health care center and interpret them to concerned parties.
* Participate in consultation with the Director of Social Work Services and the regional social work consultant, especially pointing out problems and trends that may require company policy attention.
* Maintain confidentiality of professional information.
* Abide by the Policies and Procedures in the NHC Social Work Services Manual.
* Account for use of time, report sickness, and plan vacation time with the Director of Social Work Services.