Executive Director

  • Greater Trussville Area
  • 7820 Walking Horse Circle
  • Dec 31, 2018

Job Description


Demonstrate the leadership and managerial skills necessary to achieve a positive environment for all community residents; assure a productive, safe, and professional work environment for all community team members; inspire and foster a collaborative management team that understands and promotes its shared authority and responsibilities; promote a positive community image that will promote 100 percent occupancy; and operate a fiscally sound and efficient organization that produces adequate profitability.


* Must be at least 21 years old.
* Must be appropriately licensed or certified as required by state or provincial regulations.
* Have at least two years relevant management experience.
* Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.
* Meet state or provincial health related requirements.
* Maintain current CPR and first aid certification.
* Maintain any other certifications as required by state or provincial regulations.

* Assure compliance with all federal, state or provincial, and/or local regulations.
* Assure adherence to community budget.
* Assure a stable staff of optimal quality and quantity by recruiting, hiring, supervising, evaluating, counseling, and, if necessary, terminating team members.
* Assure all team members are consistently educated and trained through new team member orientation and regular education and training classes, including all requirements of federal and state or provincial regulations.
* Assure adherence to all human resources systems so team members are treated fairly and equitably according to federal, state, and provincial regulations as well as policy.
* Assure service needs of all residents are consistently identified through Nursing Assessment and auxiliary evaluations processes.
* Assure service needs of all residents are consistently addressed through development and implementation of service plans.
* Assure adherence to all health services system so health needs of residents are consistently addressed.
* Assure adherence to all health and safety systems so the health and safety of residents, team members, and visitors are consistently protected.
* Assure adherence to all activities systems so physical fitness, intellectual and cultural, recreational, social, and spiritual needs of residents are consistently addressed.
* Assure adherence to all dining services systems so the nutritional needs of residents are consistently addressed by preparing appetizing, attractive, nutritious meals according to the highest food sanitation standards, and serving the meals in a pleasant dining environment.
* Assure adherence to all housekeeping systems so community interior is consistently clean, orderly, and attractive.
* Assure adherence to all maintenance systems so community and grounds are consistently safe, well maintained, and attractive.
* Assure adherence to all marketing systems so 100 percent occupancy can be achieved and maintained with consistently satisfied residents.
* Assure adherence to all accounting systems so correct procedures are consistently used for accurate recording of revenues and expenses, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, and general accounting.
* Assure adherence to all quality assurance systems so continuous improvement of all community operations occurs.
* Assure resident, team member, or physical plant problems that arise after usual business hours are addressed promptly and effectively, either by being personally available by telephone or by assigning other appropriate staff to be similarly available.
* Perform staff duties necessary for immediate community operation in case of staffing problem.
* Perform other duties as assigned by Regional Director.
* Assure Regional Director is regularly informed of community status and particularly of any significant problems for which guidance is necessary.
* Effectively and dynamically lead team members, inspiring their confidence and motivating them to consistently perform their duties according to the highest standards.
* Assure an environment in which team members consistently feel valued and respected.
* Assure an environment for residents in which tenets of assisted living/personal care/memory care are consistently promoted.
* Assure positive relationship with family members and/or significant others of residents so they feel confident that the needs of their loved ones are being addressed.
* Assure positive relationship between community and community at large so they serve as resources for one another.