Advanced Clinical Technician

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  • Posted: Jul 20, 2016
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Job Description


Advanced Clinical Technician


Serve as a role model and mentor to all staff.  Illustrate excellence in attendance, teamwork, technical ability and problem solving skills.  Possess knowledge of and demonstrates correct practice of all clinical and personnel policies and procedures.  Maintain a positive attitude, demonstrate flexibility and have a good working knowledge of the patient and staff schedule.  Work with new staff to help them master competencies required in their role through teaching, counseling, and inspiring.  Support the individual's and own growth and development.  Fulfill all performance expectations.


*You may only apply for an ACT (Advanced Clinical Technician) position at your current facility only.


*Applicants must be in good standing i.e. not higher than a Step 1 of Corrective Action 


Standards of Performance:  Working with Trainees:

  • Successfully completes the CDC orientation class for training the adult learner
  • Assesses the trainee's learning needs and provides appropriate educational opportunities
  • Plans and monitors an individual's orientation in conjunction with Education Department
  • Documents the trainee's progress via the paperwork of orientation and anecdotal notes and/or email required
  • Provides feedback to the trainee via daily verbal and/or written progress reports
  • Meets weekly with trainee and Facility Manager to review performance using constructive criticism
  • Facilitates the trainee's socialization to the work place
  • Demonstrates knowledge of all CDC policies and procedures; teaches trainee to consistently follow all policies and procedures
  • Acts as a clinical resource to trainee and other staff members
  • Facilitates a good relationship between trainees and patients
  • Follows patient schedule to allow adequate time for training and orientee development
  • Demonstrates ability to remain focused on and attentive to trainee through each training session
  • Attends bi-annual meetings offered through the Education Department


Performance Expectations:

  • Performs all duties of the Patient Care Technician ( see Patient Care Technician job description)
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the water room and reuse policies and procedures, and able to troubleshoot and intervene, if necessary
  • Is flexible with scheduling in order to provide adequate staffing and supervisory support
  • Collaborates with charge RN to ensure tasks are completed
  • Acts as a clinical resource to the staff and an expert resource for patient care policies and procedures
  • Attends and provides education to staff internally and externally
  • Is an active member of a facility based initiative and exhibits leadership within that group
  • Documents all patient data obtained while providing care, along with patients' response, in a complete, accurate and timely fashion
  • Attends and provides education to staff internally and externally
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude in all interactions.  Expectations of behavior and attitude include:  willingness to accept change , provide feedback and support CDC initiatives with enthusiasm
  • He/she will communicate appropriately with staff and provide care with professionalism adhering to the CDC House Rules and Pledge
  • Demonstrates commitment to continuous quality improvement and have knowledge of all required standards and responsibilities
  • Participates in at least two CQI projects per year and any additional projects as needed
  • Performs staff proficiency/competency checks as assigned
  • Continually acts as a mentor with new employees to encourage quality care and staff retention
  • Continually reviews policies and procedures and communicates changes/updates as needed
  • Provides a designated staff in-service, as needed
  • Assists in operations management.  (Help with set-up in staffing crises, covers assignments for meetings, troubleshoot questions, patient and staff schedule)
  • Acts in a leadership role with emergency drills as scheduled, ER, take off, mock CPR, pyogen
  • Performs step-up duties in absence of supervisor
  • Demonstrates active participation on facility team, completes projects timely and professionally
  • Accepts additional duties as needed (i.e., executing transonic monitoring and CQI audits)


  • OCDT Certifications
  • Minimum of two years patient care experience with at least on year at CDC
  • Excellent clinical, technical and interpersonal skills as demonstrated by having achieved a rating of "meets or exceeds expectations" respectively in the most recent performance evaluation;
  • Must be in good standing for performance and attendance
  • Ability to communicate effectively and professionally with management, coworkers, and patients
  • Ability to make decisions independently
  • Ability to organize time and priorities in order to meet various deadlines