Maintenance Crew

  • Medilodge of Wyoming
  • 2786 56th St SW
  • Posted: Dec 17, 2018
Service/Skilled Workers

Job Description


Performs basic activities related to maintenance and upkeep of building and grounds.


* Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
* Experience: One year experience in building maintenance.
Essential Functions:

* Performs routine maintenance and repair required to keep the building and equipment in good working order.
* Monitors building and equipment renovations, remodeling or replacement projects done by contractors.
* Under supervision, maintains and repairs HVAC, refrigerators, boilers, washers and dryers, and other equipment.
* Participates in painting, redecorating, carpentry, concrete and masonry projects.
* Conducts and documents routine inspection of fire control equipment and sprinkler systems.
* Maintains weekly facility log of domestic hot water temperature, generator checklist, monthly fire alarm system testing and sprinkler pressure, for survey and safety compliance.
* Coordinates/documents monthly fire drills.
* Inspects grounds and cuts grass, trims, and takes other appropriate action.
* Performs other tasks as assigned.

* Knowledge of building codes and rules and regulation regarding the operation of plant equipment.
* Knowledge of HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.
* Knowledge of OSHA and other safety requirements.
* Ability to communicate effectively with residents and their family members, and at all levels of the organization.
* Ability to operate mowing equipment.