Student Records Clerk

  • Advanced College
  • 5260 Pirrone Court
  • Dec 14, 2018

Job Description


The Student Records Clerk is responsible for student records. The Student Records Clerk maintains the academic record of all students and plans and implements the registration process for classes. He/she would work with other administrators to coordinate times and locations for class meetings and resolve scheduling conflicts. Other responsibilities include keeping records of all college classes and curriculum prerequisites, determining students graduation eligibility, planning commencement activities and preparing information such as honors lists, transcripts and class rankings.


* Compile enrollment statistics and might advise students regarding scholarship eligibility.
* Familiar with college academic policies when advising students on how to meet distribution and graduation requirements and resolving issues related to individual academic records, such as credit attribution.
* Work with a variety of people and have exceptional communication skills, including when collaborating with multiple college departments.
* Must be highly organized and be able to quickly adapt to change; attention to detail is also necessary.
* Facilitates the movement of students through their programs, ensuring that records are properly kept, class scheduling is completed, and scholarship and grant information is disseminated.
* Enter student’s data information into the database.
* Process forms and student information requests.
* Process transcript requests.
* Maintain student records accurately.
* Assist with internal audits.
* Audit student files.
* Schedule classes.
* Process student drops.
* Enter attendance as needed.
* Perform other duties as assigned.

* A high level of technological proficiency is required for this position, and an associate or bachelors in a relatable field.
* Prefer candidates with previous experience in a similar field, such as admissions or student affairs.
* Requires one to three years of experience in a related area with preferred knowledge and usage of Campus Management.
* Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
* Multi-task in a fast paced environment.
* Prioritize tasks and manage deadlines.
* Handle sensitive or confidential tasks and information.
* Proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
* Detail oriented.
* Adhere to departmental policies and procedures.
* Possess strong organizational and problem resolution skills.