• Advanced College
  • 8338 West Lane
  • Posted: Dec 13, 2018

Job Description


The Instructor reports directly to their Program Director with an indirect reporting relationship to the Director of Academics. The Instructor works with the Program Director focusing on delivering quality instruction, improving student retention and supporting the colleges program and student learning outcomes.


* Ensure the academic department achieves its operational and budgetary projections while maintaining high student satisfaction, adherence to federal, state, and accreditation requirements, educational quality, and ethical standards.
* Maintain continuous communication with academic staff for accurate student reporting, including entering comments in the campus management system.
* Support and attend program specific employer advisory board meetings to ensure curriculum is meeting the needs of the employer.
* Ensure compliance with all internal academic policies and procedures while meeting anticipated accrediting standards, state licensing requirements, FERPA and applicable external regulations.
* Participate in ongoing curriculum improvement and development activities with Chief Academic Officer (CAO), Director of Academics (DOA), program directors and other instructors to maintain the quality and integrity of the curriculum.

* In collaboration with the DOA and program director maintain documents to support the Advanced College plan for assessing institution, program and student learning outcomes.
* Prepare syllabus in accordance with the course plan for approval prior to quarter start.
* Create a dynamic learning experience to keep students engaged in the learning process.
* Discuss options for tutoring and academic improvement with students who are not meeting satisfactory academic progress.
* Refer students to internal and external resources as appropriate.
* Demonstrate integrity and ethical behavior, arrives on time, is prepared for class and administers appropriate classroom management techniques.
* Enter grades and attendance in a timely manner.
* Attend orientation, graduation ceremonies and special events as scheduled.

* Masters degree, Bachelor’s degree or appropriate certification or license, in accordance with the Instructor Qualification Policy.
* Preferably two years of experience in their related field in addition to teaching experience.
* Disciplined yet dynamic; able to focus on quality outcomes and adapt quickly to change as necessary.
* Results-oriented.
* Ability to network with outside organizations.
* Strong student-centered focus; commitment to student satisfaction and success.
* Ability to prioritize tasks and manage deadlines appropriately.
* Excellent communication skills across all levels; able to communicate ideas and expectations clearly and concisely.
* Course specific qualifications are explained in detail in the attached Faculty Qualifications Policy.