Registered Nurse Supervisor (RN)

  • Carehaven
  • 506 Riverview Drive
  • Dec 05, 2018

Job Description


Coordination of total resident care. Will perform supervisory work in directing and coordinating all nursing units. Must have had advanced training and broad nursing experience including supervisory duties.


* Works with all charge nurses daily to share information regarding resident care, condition and any other matters that may affect resident well-being.
* Makes rounds to assess resident conditions, giving special attention to those who may be critically ill.
* Ensures that the individual nursing care plan is followed for every resident.
* Performs medication passes
* Participates in resident care meetings
* Answers emergencies during shift
* Reviews incident and investigative reports for accuracy and completeness
* Assists in the development and implementation of the Nursing Quality Improvement Program
* Assists in the training and orientation of nursing personnel
* Assures that the environment of care remains safe and sanitary for all
* Makes recommendations regarding nursing processes to the Director of Nursing
* Recognizes and identifies symptoms and make decisions in event of emergencies
* Coordinates and supervises all nursing functions

* Hold a valid license as a Registered Nurse from the state in which services are provided.
* Maintains current CPR certification
* Experience in supervising others

* Maintains the confidentiality of resident’s information
* Honor resident’s personal and property rights
* Understands all rights afforded to residents and acts accordingly