Nurse (RN/LPN)

  • Saint Elizabeth Home
  • One Saint Elizabeth Way
  • Posted: Nov 28, 2018

Job Description

Currently trying to fill two Nurse positions for our Short Term Rehabilitation neighborhood.

1st shift, 32 hours per week.

3rd shift, (Every Thurs., Fri and Sat.) work 24 hours but get paid for 32.

Also have Per Diem opportunities available.


The primary purpose of your job is to observe and evaluate physical, social, and emotional needs of the residents. You are expected to prepare and administer medications and treatments. You also delegate the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties in accordance with current existing federal and state regulations and established facility policies and procedures.


* Receives/transcribes physician orders and sees that all orders are carried out promptly and accurately.
* Receives and places calls to physicians/consultants.
* Documents in progress notes and narcotic log all medication and treatment record.
* Completes progress notes on a timely basis addressing pertinent issues and changes in patient status to ensure continuity of care.
* Ensures progress notes reflect plan of care and established goals.
* Administers and records all treatments according to physician orders.
* Assesses and recognizes changes in the condition of residents during his/her shift and reports changes to immediate supervisor.
* Properly orders and receives medications from pharmacy.
* Properly administers, stores, and charts all routine and PRN medications, timely and accurately.
* Understands and practices proper procedure for administering, documenting, and removal of Schedule II, III, and IV drugs.
* Correctly performs and documents narcotic count.
* Understands procedure for incorrect narcotic count.
* Maintains treatment and medication cart with all supplies needed to carry out orders.
* Administers parental, intramuscular, and sub-cutaneous injections.
* Performs peripheral IV insertion, administration of fluids and medications and monitors site and patient condition for complications. Performs dressing changes and flushes per protocol.
* Monitors meal services for completeness, appropriateness, and fluid intake.
* Completes general assessments and risk assessment, as required.
* Collects, properly labels, and stores all specimens – completes lab slips as needed.
* Interprets lab data and reports significant results to physicians.
* Administers 2 step PPD’s on admission. Records on appropriate form.
* Able to assess skin integrity using established protocols.
* Follows protocols for treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.
* Able to assess respiratory status of patient utilizing pulse oximetry, lung sounds, vital signs, and need for suctioning.
* Able to administer oxygen via mask or cannula with concentrator, tank, or liquid oxygen.
* Able to assess cardiac status utilizing vital signs, color, respiratory status, pulse deficit, skin condition, and presence or absence of pain.
* Performs procedure for NGT, GT, and JT feeding via bolus or infusion pump. Performs flushes and dressing changes per physician orders.
* Able to adequately and safely perform all procedures documented on the skills check list.
* Trains ad orients new staff.
* Addresses problems with employees as they arise in a fair, consistent, and effective manner.
* Coaches, encourage, and support staff; and praises employees for a job well done.
* Answers questions regarding policies and procedures.
* Leads by example.

* Holds a current nursing license in the state of Rhode Island.
* One year of nursing experience preferred.
* A comprehensive knowledge of nursing practices and procedures; administration of medications and possible side effects; knowledge of federal and state regulations relating to resident care and rights.