Wait Staff/Hostess

  • All American Assisted Living Wareham
  • 300 Rosebrook Way
  • Posted: Oct 15, 2018
Allied Health

Job Description

We are currently hiring part time wait staff; 7AM - 11AM, 11AM - 7PM, 4 PM - 8 PM shift, flexible schedule.

Summary: :

Help Residents have a pleasant Dining Room experience. Serve food and beverages and bus tables.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: include, but are not limited to::

* Assure tables are set properly prior to mealtime.
* Greet Residents by name as they enter the dining room.
* Assist Residents in locating a seat with people they enjoy dining with.
* Receive mobility assistive devices and place them away from the table areas. Return the devices to the Resident(s) when
the Resident is ready to leave the dining room.
* Take food orders from the Residents.
* Know each residents diet and encourage resident to make healthy decisions when ordering meals.
* Inform Residents of available food selection if they are unable to read the menu.
* Serve beverage of choice to each Resident.
* Serve food to Resident(s).
* Offer second helpings to Residents who may desire more food.
* Keep water glasses filled.
* Offer coffee or tea and dessert to the Residents.
* Clear tables at end of meal and set tables for the next meal.
* Help in dish room; run dishwasher and put away clean dishes when needed.
* Complete Side-Work properly each shift.
* Carry out other duties as assigned.
* Attend all meetings and in services.
* Work schedule as assigned by Supervisor.
* Paid hourly rate - acceptance of tips is strictly prohibited and will result in termination.


* All waitstaff and kitchen staff must wear restaurant grade non-slip shoes.

Qualifications: :

Friendly personality. Ability to keep things organized. Enjoys working with older adults. Experience with waiting tables preferred.

I have read and understand the responsibilities of this position. I possess the qualifications indicated and am able to carry out the identified responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodation.