• Glasswater Creek of Lafayette
  • 208 Beck Lane
  • Posted: Oct 15, 2018
Allied Health

Job Description


Prepares and serves high quality, nourishing and properly prepared food items (by following the community's menus and standardized recipes). Must be able to follow time schedules for food production/preparation and the serving of the meals. Must maintain a work area that is clean and orderly and insure that all food is stored according to proper sanitation regulations.:

* Test all cooked food by taste and smell to determine if it is properly cooked, seasoned and at proper serving temperature for palatability.
* Prepare all menu items as described on the daily production sheets and standardized recipes.
* Portion all food items according to the menu and prescribed diet using scoops, ladles and/or scales.
* Clean and maintain all kitchen equipment and report any faulty or broken equipment.
* Handle and prepare food in accordance with sanitary regulations.:


High school graduate preferred, able to read and write and understand the English language. Experience in large food quantity preparation in a health care facility is desirable. Must be able to perform each of the essential position functions. Must meet health assessment requirements.: