Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

  • Westminster Commons
  • 560 Saint Charles Ave, N.E.
  • Posted: Nov 20, 2018

Job Description


$800.00 Sign On Bonus

Full - Time 6:30 am - 2:30 pm

Part Time - 2:30 pm - 10:30 pm

EOW - 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift

***All positions requires the ability to work every other weekend as scheduled***

General Purpose:

Perform direct resident care duties under the supervision of licensed nursing personnel. Assist with promoting a compassionate physical and psychosocial environment for the residents.

Essential Job Functions:

This facility expects their employees to promote an atmosphere of teamwork with other employees and hospitality and comfort for its residents. Therefore, the following list of duties is not all-inclusive:

* Provide personal care (i.e., grooming, bathing, dressing, oral care, etc.) of residents daily and as needed.
* Change bed linen and maintain appropriate grooming supplies in resident room on a regular basis.
* Ambulate and transfer residents, utilizing appropriate assistive devices and body mechanics.
* Record resident vital signs, weights and measurements, intake and output, food consumption, and other information as assigned.
* Routinely turn and position residents as necessary.
* Observe residents carefully and report changes in condition to Charge Nurse.
* Recognize a resident’s ability to make choices and support these within the constraints of the caregiving environment.
* Participate in collecting data needed for the accurate completion of the MDS and the plan of care. Provide input to the nurses for development of the plan of care.
* Provide adequate hydration to residents at regular intervals each day according to specific resident needs.
* Prepare residents for each meal and transport to dining room (unless resident on bed rest) making sure that food tray is accessible, self-help devices are available (if needed), and assistance is provided to those residents who cannot feed themselves.
* Keep an accurate record of food intake and output, as directed.
* Maintain established housekeeping standards within assigned duty areas.
* Assist nursing staff with the basics of aseptic and sterile techniques to avoid infection of residents and self-contamination of equipment and supplies.
* Be alert for proper ventilation, temperature, light and noise control.
* Take TPR, blood pressure, weighing of residents, etc. as directed.
* Promptly answer call lights and other resident needs.
* Utilize proper body mechanics when lifting or transporting residents.
* Assist in the orientation and training of other staff, as requested.
* Attend in-service education programs in order to meet facility educational requirements.
* Be familiar with Standard Precautions, Exposure Control Plan, Fire Drill and Evacuation Procedures and know how to use the information.
* Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility records/information.
* Protect residents from neglect, mistreatment, and abuse.
* Protect the personal property of the residents of the facility.
* Must adhere to attendance standards per Attendance Policy.
* Others as directed by the supervisor or administrator.

Minimum Qualifications:

* Current Nursing Assistant Certification from state.
* Maintain CPR Certification
* High School Graduate or GED
Working Conditions:

* Subject to frustrations in meeting work demands due to frequent interruptions.
* Fast paced, required to make decisions quickly
* Involved with residents, personnel, visitors, government agencies/personnel, etc., under all conditions and circumstances.
* May work beyond normal duty hours, on weekends, and in other positions temporarily, when necessary.
* Subject to call-back during emergency conditions (e.g., severe weather, evacuation, post-disaster, etc.).
* Subject to exposure to infectious waste, diseases, conditions, etc., including TB and the AIDS and Hepatitis B viruses.
* May be subject to the handling of and exposure to hazardous chemicals
Physical and Sensory Requirements:

* Assist in the evacuation of residents during emergency situations
* Function independently, and have flexibility, personal integrity, and the ability to work effectively with residents, personnel, and support agencies.
* Meet general health requirements set forth by the policies of this facility, which may include a medical and physical examination.
Sitting 10-25%; Alertnates frequently to walking.

Walking 60-85%; Alternates frequently to standing and occasionally to sitting.

Standing 10-30%; Alternating frequently to walking and occasionally to sitting.


Weight Frequency Objects

1-10 lbs Constantly Resident personal items, linens, medical supplies, etc.

11-20 lbs Frequently Resident personal items, linens, medical supplies, etc.

21-35 lbs Occasionally Assistance to residents in ambulation, equipment.

36-50 lbs Rarely Transfer of resident, ambulation of residents, and equipment.

51-75 lbs Rarely Transferring of residents

75+ lbs Rarely Emergency situations


Weight Frequency Objects

1-10 lbs Constantly Resident personal items, linens, medical supplies, etc.

11-20 lbs Frequently Resident personal items, linens, medical supplies, etc.

21-35 lbs Occasionally Resident personal items, linens, medical supplies, etc.

Bending: Occasionally
Squatting: Rarely
Kneeling: Rarely
Climbing: Rarely
Reaching: Occasionally
Grasping: Occasionally
Fine Manipulation: Continuously
Driving: Rarely
Pushing: Frequently
Pulling: Frequently

Exposure Determination Information:

This job does not normally involve contact with blood and/or body fluids but while performing the tasks associated with this job, it may be necessary for you to perform a task that involves exposure to blood or body fluids.

EMPLOYMENT AT WILL: It is the express policy and intent of this facility that the employment relationship is one created and governed by the continuing will of both parties. I understand and agree that my employment is for no definite period and may, regardless of the date of payment of my wages and salary, be terminated at any time without prior notice and without cause by either party, unless provided otherwise by a written agreement signed by the President of this company.

NONDISCRIMINATORY STATEMENT: This facility does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship status, pregnancy, age, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected under federal, state, or local law.

JOB DESCRIPTION REVIEW: I understand this job description and its requirements; and that I am expected to complete all duties as assigned. I understand the job functions may be altered from time to time. Management reserves the right to modify this job description at any time.