Physical Therapist

  • Cambridge Post Acute Care Center
  • 2020 McGee Rd
  • Posted: Sep 18, 2018

Job Description

Job Summary:

Plan and administer a prescribed physical therapy treatment program for patients/residents to restore function, relive pain and prevent disability following illness, disease or injury.


Review and evaluate physician referrals and patient/resident medical records to determine physical therapy treatment required.
Plan and prepare written treatment program based on evaluation of available patient/resident data.
Confer with physician and other health practitioners to obtain additional patient/resident information, suggest revisions in treatment program, and integrate physical therapy treatment with other aspects of patient/resident care.
Record patient/resident treatment, response, and progress.
Assist the rehab director, medical director and administrator in planning of physical therapy services as needed.
Supervise physical therapy assistants and aides. May instruct and supervise the clinical portion of training for students participating in PT and PTA programs.
Administer manual therapeutic exercises to improve or maintain muscle function, applying precise amounts of manual force and guiding patient/resident body parts through patterns and degrees of movement.
Perform tests, measurements, and evaluations, such as functional activities/ADLs, range of motion, manual muscle tests, gait analysis and record and evaluate findings to aid in establishing or revising treatment programs. Administer treatments involving application of physical agents using equipment such as hydrotherapy tanks, moist heat packs, cold packs, ultraviolet and infrared lamps, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation units.
Evaluate effects of treatments at various intensities and durations and adjust treatment to achieve maximum benefit.
Instruct, motivate, and assist patients/residents in non-manual exercises, such as active regimes, isometric and progressive-resistive and functional activities, such as gait training, transfer training. utilize weights, exercise machines, mats, steps, incline surfaces, assistive and supportive devices such as walkers, canes, crutches, parallel bars, orthoses, and prostheses.
Consult with physician and/or nursing in the event of adverse reaction
Maintain documentation consistent with third party reimbursement.
Conduct on the job training for new employees. Adapt existing training materials to meet immediate needs.
Assist in the recruitment of staff to provide needed treatment.
Attend department meetings and/or sit on required committees and maintain required records and reports as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual.
Participate in developing and updating department policies and procedures.
Participate in department budget planning with rehab director.
Develop specifications for commonly used items.
Maintain confidentiality of necessary information.
Utilize supplies and equipment properly and without waste.
Think and act calmly and logically to meet unusual occurrences of the job ·without being thrown off stride.
Perform till miscellaneous work assignments as may be required.
Follow established infection control precautions, adhere to Universal Blood and Body Fluid precautions following policy and center specific infection control policies and procedures.
Job Requirements:

Credentialed graduate of an accredited Physical Therapy program and licensed in the state where practicing.
Prior experience in physical therapy preferred.
Ability to life 50 pounds, with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 10 pounds.
Travel within a local area as needed for patient treatment.
Ability to work inside with exposure to some disagreeable conditions.
Communicate effectively with residents, other therapy staff, and facility staff in general.
Must be capable of executing all terms and conditions set forth in the Employee Handbook, including but not limited to:
Work in a safety conscious manner to ensure that others in the workplace are not at risk.
Comply with local, state and federal regulations in addition to company policies and procedures.
Adhere to Company policy of a drug free workplace.
Interact in a tactful, diplomatic and humanistic manner with residents, families, visitors and co-workers to provide a safe, efficient and therapeutically effective caring environment to ensure the self-respect, personal dignity, rights and physical safety of each resident and center guest.
Maintain a dependable attendance record and adhere to standards of cleanliness, grooming, hygiene and dress code.