Maintenance Assistant

  • Cambridge Post Acute Care Center
  • 2020 McGee Rd
  • Posted: Sep 14, 2018
Service/Skilled Workers

Job Description

This Maintenance Assistant position primary responsibility will be painting and sheet rock repair. All interested applicants will need to be able to paint well and repair walls.

General Purpose:

Assist the Maintenance Supervisor in maintaining the building(s), equipment and utilities in good working order and facility grounds are properly maintained in accordance with facility policies.

Essential Job Functions:

This facility expects their employees to promote an atmosphere of teamwork with other employees and hospitality and comfort for its residents. Therefore, the following list of duties is not all-inclusive:

Assist Maintenance Supervisor in the following duties:

Perform repairs and maintenance on equipment and supplies.
Test emergency generator weekly and monthly as required by state and federal regulations.
Know and follow established safety rules and policies and procedures of the maintenance department.
Maintain the building in good repair and keep free of hazards such as those caused by electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems.
Maintain the building in compliance with federal, state, and local codes and laws.
Perform monthly maintenance checks of the building, grounds, and facilities.
Perform routine maintenance and repair work, such as painting, minor carpentry, repair work, changing light bulbs, and various other routine maintenance tasks.
Coordinate maintenance work with other departments.
Keep the grounds looking neat and cared for by mowing and trimming the grass, trimming the bushes and trees, keeping the leaves and litter picked up, the sidewalks clear of debris, and any erosion challenges under control.
Remain on-call for facility emergencies.
Coordinate and participate in fire safety program and fire drills.
Arrange for and manage outside repair, maintenance and construction services according to procedures.
Perform duties of washing windows and screens outside of building.
Keep work areas and storage rooms neat and orderly.
Pick up work order request daily and establish work priority.
Inspect fire extinguishers every 30 days.
Maintain work records and schedules for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual preventative maintenance.
Other Duties:

Keep required records and submit to the Administrator when required.
Cooperate with and support other department supervisors and employees.
Attend in-service education programs in order to meet facility educational requirements.
Be familiar with Standard Precautions, Exposure Control Plan, Fire Drill and Evacuation Procedures and know how to use the information.
Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility records/information.
Protect residents from neglect, mistreatment, and abuse.
Protect the personal property of the residents of the facility.
Others as directed by the supervisor or administrator.
Minimum Qualifications:

Organized and detailed in work performance.
Good communication skills with excellent self-discipline and patience.
Genuine caring for and interest in elderly and disabled people in a nursing facility.
Comply with the Resident’ Rights and Facility Policies and Procedures.
Perform work tasks within the physical demand requirements as outlined below.
Perform Essential Duties as outlined above.