Activities Director

  • Grace Senior Living
  • 8847 Hospital Drive
  • Posted: Dec 10, 2018

Job Description

Position Summary::

Develop and coordinate an activities program for the community that reflects the varied interests of the residents and provides them with meaningful and enriching activities. Recruit, coordinate and train volunteer members, and help ensure employee involvement in the activities program.

Primary Responsibilities::

Activities Programming

* Develop and implement a comprehensive activities program to help meet the spiritual, physical, social, and psychosocial needs of the residents.
* Utilize community resources and entertainers to schedule various activities including special events.
* Create monthly activities calendar that reflects the varied interests of the residents and provides them with enriching opportunities.
* Coordinate all special events, including holiday events.
* Conduct activities as needed.
* Provide a forum for residents to meet monthly and share their ideas, thoughts, and concerns regarding their activities.
* Ensure that residents are encouraged and assisted to attend activities that are of interest to them.
* Maintain an adequate supply of equipment for regular activities, keeping within budgetary guidelines.
* Coordinate activities involving other departments with the appropriate department head.
* Arrange and provide transportation for regular and special outings. This will include driving.
* Provide opportunities for residents to engage in various community service projects.
* Carry out other duties as assigned by supervisor, including any on-call responsibilities.
* Comply with the residence’s policies, training programs, and state and federal regulations.
Volunteer Recruitment, Coordinating, and Training

* Develop and maintain a solid volunteer base through building relationships in the community.
* Orient and train volunteers to the residence, the residents, and key policies.
* Match volunteers’ interests with specific activities in an effort to enrich both the lives of the residents and volunteers.
* Supervise and provide ongoing support and coaching to volunteers.
* Encourage the residents’ family members to volunteer and be part of the activities at the residence.
* Train employees to conduct activities and to encourage resident participation.
* Recognize volunteers on a regular basis for their contribution.

* Minimum of one year experience in coordinating activities for older adults
* Experience in volunteer recruitment and training preferred
* Desire to work with older adults
* Able to drive residents in van/bus and obtain CDL