• Four Seasons Retirement
  • 1901 Taylor Road
  • Dec 11, 2018
Service/Skilled Workers

Job Description


This job description is intended to indicate the kinds of duties, working conditions, physical requirements, and level of difficulty required of positions at this salary level; it is not intended to limit the right of any supervisor to assign, direct, and control the work of an employee under his/her supervision. Where appropriate, directly related experience/ education beyond the minimum stated below may be substituted at the discretion of the corporation. :


The housekeeper performs a variety of work functions generally associated with the cleaning of the building, fixtures, and related equipment.


* Supports the mission; resident life, health, and wellness philosophy; and the code of professional ethics of BHI Retirement Communities, Inc.
* Understands and abides by the BHI Retirement Communities, Inc., personnel policies and other policies and procedures which apply to his/her department.
* Reports to immediate supervisor, department manager, or executive director known or potential violations of the residents rights policy, resident abuse policy, professional ethics statement, corporate compliance policy, HIPAA privacy policy, confidentiality policy, anti-harassment policy, zero-tolerance workplace violence policy, profanity in the workplace policy, time-keeping policy, and other policies and procedures established by the corporation.
* Attends work as scheduled, maintains acceptable personal appearance/hygiene, follows the designated dress code policy, and keeps work area in neat, clean, and orderly condition.
* Understands and complies with job performance requirements.
* Demonstrates good judgment in the performance of job duties.
* Supports customer service efforts and initiatives while exhibiting quality customer service behaviors.
* Demonstrates kindness, tact, and courtesy toward all residents, family members, colleagues, outside vendors, and other visitors to the BHI Retirement’s corporate office and/or facilities.
* Treats all matters concerning the corporation, facilities, staff, and residents with strict confidentiality.

* Cleans resident rooms and apartments, bathing areas, lounges, offices, hallways, dining area, recreational areas, public bathrooms, and other rooms as assigned and in compliance with established written procedures.
* Cleans and mops tile floors, vacuums, spot cleans carpeted areas, and empties trash.
* Dusts and/or washes furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
* Washes windows and sills.
* Cleans public telephone and drinking fountains.
* Cleans and sanitizes lavatories and toilet bowls inside and out.
* Performs written cleaning procedures and follows written cleaning schedules for common areas, resident apartments, and health center rooms.
* Keeps all equipment and storage areas clean and orderly.
* Transports linens and other equipment.
* Follows all written infection control procedures established by the facility.
* Handles problems with difficult or disturbed residents, family or sponsor/surrogate.
* In performance of assigned job duties, interacts with residents in a cheerful/positive manner and shall be respectful of resident’s personal belongings.
* Teamwork and participation: maintains an effective relationship with all departments and professional staff; and participates on facility committees as assigned.
* Reporting and response:
* Reports verbally or in writing unusual resident behavior to supervisory personnel or a representative of the nursing department.
* Reports verbally or in writing concerns expressed by family members, visitors, or other persons visiting the facility to supervisory personnel or a representative of the nursing department.
* Reports all equipment malfunctions/breakdowns and all other maintenance needs throughout the facility to the executive housekeeper and requests a written maintenance work order.
* Reports, verbally and or in writing, and records all known safety hazards to supervisory personnel.
* Communicates, either verbally or in writing, any problems or concerns to his/her supervisor.
* Responds to emergency situations effectively and efficiently and, in case of an emergency, provides direct assistance to residents in evacuating building.
* Training requirements:
* Attends required in-service meetings and departmental staff meetings and completes any written, verbal, or visual requirements.
* Receives knowledge of and demonstrates ability to perform all emergency procedures including fire and safety, tornado, and disaster evacuation and participates in all subsequent emergency preparedness training exercises.
* Maintains knowledge and training in exposure control plan and universal precautions.
* Completes annual in-services according to schedule.
* Performs all other duties as requested by the director of environmental services and/or executive director.

At minimum, must be able to acquire sufficient knowledge and learn new skills through on-the-job training and instructions to satisfactorily meet job performance requirements at the end of the introductory period.