Sonographer and Vascular

  • Cavalier Mobile X-Ray
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Posted: Feb 26, 2018

Job Description

CMX Mobile Sonographer:

Cavalier Mobile X-ray is an industry leader in providing cutting-edge diagnostic testing in a portable environment. At Cavalier Mobile X-ray we specialize in bringing advanced diagnostic imaging to a patient's bedside. We perform direct digital x-rays, digital ultrasounds, and cardiac services in a wide range of settings.

We perform digital ultrasounds on patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Home Health, Correctional Institutions, and Sports Teams.


* Atleast 2 years of Vascular and General Sonography experience performing studies on a wide range of patients
* Preferably atleast two years of Cardiac experience
* Ability to learn various software systems
* Accreditation from either ARDMS or CCI in Vascular

* Ability to work independent of direct supervision
* Excellent written and oral communication skills
* Excellent organizational skills and ability to multitask
* Clean driving record and ability to pass a background check and drug screening
This is a full-time position.

Being part of the CMX Team includes the following benefits: Company Vehicle, Starting from Home, Health Insurance, HSA, HRA, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Time Off, 401K, and more.


* Valid Driver’s License
* Participate in Company’s Drug Free Safety Program
* No Criminal History (Fingerprinting)

Successful completion of an accredited diagnostic medical sonography program, attaining registration and certification by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS), Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or other accredited organizations.


Provides health care services, applying sonic energy to assist in diagnosis or treatment. Performs ultrasonic imaging and related procedures to demonstrate vascular anatomy for interpretation and/or intervention by, or at the request of a licensed practitioner. Exercises professional judgment in performance of services and maintains a demeanor complimentary to medical ethics. Applies appropriate patient care and recognizes patient conditions essential for successful completion of the procedure.


Performs vascular ultrasound procedures:

* Corroborates patient’s clinical history with procedures, assuring information is documented and available for use by a licensed practitioner.
* Prepares patient for procedures; providing instructions to obtain desired results, gain cooperation, and minimize anxiety.
* Selects and operates ultrasonic equipment and associated devices to achieve desired results.
* Positions patient and equipment to best demonstrate the anatomic area of interest, respecting patient ability and comfort.
* Immobilizes patients as required for appropriate examination.
* Determines ultrasonic frequency and transducers for established protocols.
* Exercises precautions in patient applications, respecting the biological effects between ultrasound and tissue.
* Evaluates static and dynamic images and recordings of available data for technical quality, assuring proper identification is recorded.
* Provides for physical examination including but not limited to skin characteristics, pulses, auscultation, capillary filling, elevations/dependency changes, and various vascular pressures.
* Understands and is capable of plethysmography Doppler velocimetry, and duplex imaging.
* Assumes responsibility for provision of physical and psychological needs of patients during procedure.
* Provides patient education.
* Assist in maintaining records respecting confidentiality and established policy.
* Assumes responsibility for assigned areas and reports equipment malfunction.
* Participates in company’s quality assessment and improvement plan.
* May be responsible for control of inventory, care and control of specific items.
* Maintains knowledge of and observes Universal Precautions.
* Understands and applies patient relations skills.
* Pursues appropriate continuing education.
* Addresses and responds to concerns or grievances proffered by physicians, clients, and patients.
* Performs other duties as requested by management.
* Demonstrates a knowledge base and experience to successfully functions with the position.
* Prepared to promptly begin assigned shift.
* Observes HIPAA policy.
* Abides by the profession’s principles of professional conduct and code of ethics.