• Cavalier Mobile X-Ray
  • Youngstown, Ohio
  • Posted: Nov 20, 2018

Job Description


Cavalier Mobile X-ray is an industry leader in providing cutting-edge diagnostic testing in a portable environment. At Cavalier Mobile X-ray we specialize in bringing advanced portable diagnostic imaging to a patient's bedside. We perform direct digital x-rays, digital ultrasounds, and cardiac services in a wide range of settings.


* Valid Driver’s License
* Participate in Company’s Drug Free Safety Program
* No Criminal History (Fingerprinting)

Successfully completing an accredited educational program in radiologic technology, attaining appropriate primary certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), and possess a valid state radiographer license.


The scope of practice of the portable radiographer includes:

* Receiving, relaying and documenting verbal, written and electronic orders in the patient’s medical record.
* Corroborating patient’s clinical history with procedure, ensuring information is documented and available for use by the radiologist and billing staff.
* Assuming responsibility for patient needs during procedures.
* Applying principles of ALARA to minimize exposure to patient, self and others.
* Evaluating images for technical quality, ensuring proper identification is recorded.
* Performing ongoing quality assurance activities.
* Performing diagnostic radiographic procedures as prescribed by a licensed independent practitioner.
* Determining technical exposure factors.
* Applying the principles of patient safety during all aspects of radiographic procedures.


The radiographer:

* Gathers relevant information from the patient, medical record, significant others and health care providers.
* Reconfirms patient identification and verifies the procedure requested or prescribed.
* Verifies the patient’s pregnancy status.
* Reviews previous examinations for comparison.
* Identifies and removes artifact-producing objects.
* Employs professional judgment to adapt imaging procedures to improve diagnostic quality.
* Determines the need for and selects shielding and immobilization devices.
* Determines that all requirements are in place to achieve quality diagnostic procedures.
* Verifies that exposure indicator data for digital radiographic systems has not been altered or modified and is included in the DICOM header and on images printed to media.
* Analyzes digital images to determine utilization of appropriate imaging parameters.
* Provides accurate explanations and instructions at a level the patients and their care providers can understand. Addresses patient questions and concerns regarding the procedure.
* Provides related patient education.
* Assesses the patient’s physical, emotional and mental status.
* Positions patient for anatomic area of interest, respecting patient ability and comfort.
* Employs proper radiation safety practices.
* Utilizes technical factors according to equipment specifications to meet the ALARA principle.
* Uses pre-exposure collimation and proper field-of-view selection.
* Uses appropriate pre-exposure radiopaque markers for anatomical purposes.
* Selects the best position for the demonstration of anatomy.
* Evaluates images for positioning to demonstrate the anatomy of interest.
* Evaluates images for optimal technical exposure factors.
* Reviews images to determine if additional images will enhance the diagnostic value of the procedure.
* Documents data in the medical record in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner.
* Documents exceptions from the established criteria or procedures.
* Records information used for billing and coding procedures.
* Archives images or data.
* Documents procedural timeout.
* Adheres to standards, policies and established guidelines.
* Applies professional judgment and discretion while performing the diagnostic study.
* Anticipates and responds to patient needs.
* Respects cultural variations.
* Maintains credentials and certification.
* Participates in continuing education to maintain and enhance competency and performance.
* Shares knowledge and expertise with others.