Laundry Aide

  • Alden North Shore
  • 5050 West Touhy Avenue
  • Posted: Sep 06, 2018
Service/Skilled Workers

Job Description


Perform the day-to-day activities of the Laundry Department in accordance with current federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations, facility policies as directed by the Laundry Supervisor.


High school education or equivalent preferred.
Must be a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age.
Must be able to read, write, and speak the English language in an understandable manner.
Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.
Must possess the ability to deal tactfully with residents, family members, visitors, personnel, government agencies/personnel and the general public.
Must possess ability and willingness to work harmoniously with other personnel.
Must have patience, tact, a cheerful disposition and enthusiasm.

Must be able to move intermittently throughout the work day.
Must possess sight/hearing senses, or use prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately so that the requirements of this position can be fully met.
Must be in good general health and demonstrate emotional stability.

Follow established departmental policies and procedures, including appropriate dress code.
Perform laundry functions and tasks in accordance with written laundry procedures and verbal instruction from the Laundry Supervisor or Administration.
Follow daily assignment of tasks according to prescribed schedule. Inability to fulfill assignment at any time must be immediately reported to the Laundry Supervisor or the Manager on Duty in absence of the Laundry Supervisor.
Use only chemicals, equipment, dilution rates, machine settings, and methods prescribed in the written Laundry Policies and Procedures or as directed by the Laundry Supervisor.
Follow infection control and safety guidelines. Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as written in the Facility policies, laundry polices, and as directed by the Laundry Supervisor or Administration.
Immediately report any safety concerns and broken equipment to the Laundry Supervisor or Building Manager. Refer any concerns/complaints from residents/visitors/staff to the Laundry Supervisor.
Keep laundry area and clean linen storage areas clean, safe and organized. Mop any spills immediately and clean area at the end of each shift including dryer lint traps.
Perform other related duties as assigned.