Medication Tech

  • Potomac
  • 8301 River Rd Bethesda, Maryland, 20817
  • Posted: Oct 14, 2021

Job Description


Provides assistance to residents as required with basic services of daily living to support an independent lifestyle within the community. His/her function may not exceed Standards of Practice as accorded by Certification. The Registered Medication Partner receives general supervision and direction from the Coordinator of Health and Wellness. The Registered Medication Partner will comply with established policies and operational procedures. In the absence of the Assisted Living Charge Nurse/Unit Coordinator, the Registered Medication Partner will accept guidance and instruction from the Director of Health and Wellness or Administrator.

Under the supervision of the Licensed Nurse, The Registered Medication Partner administers medications as prescribed by the resident’s physician and documents the administration, the medication effectiveness and any noted adverse actions or side effects of the medications in accordance with the established policies and procedures, current standards of practice and care and applicable state/federal regulations.

Essential Position Functions:

* This employee must have successfully completed course work and
examinations to obtain registration as a Registered Medication Partner. The Registered Medication Partner must familiarize him/herself with policies and procedures and demonstrate this knowledge during the performance of their duties. The Registered Medication Partner must recognize complications, adverse actions or side effects of medications and obtain input from the Licensed Nurse as indicated to ensure the optimum health and safety of the resident. The Registered Medication Partner must understand and practice resident confidentiality.

* Administers and accurately records the administration of medications for residents as prescribed by the physician in accordance with established policies and procedures and applicable state/federal regulations.

* Observes, records and reports to the Licensed Nurse symptoms and conditions of residents that could be related to medication interactions, adverse drug reactions or medication side effects.

* Determines and records effectiveness of medications in a timely and accurate manner as required by state and federal regulations.

* Provides and promotes resident’s rights during the administration of medications.

* Stores medications in a safe and accurate manner in accordance with established policies and procedures and applicable state/federal regulations.

* Monitors medications to ensure adequate accountability measures are taken when medications are ordered, received into the facility, administered and at change of shift as required by policies and procedures and applicable state/federal regulations.

* Routinely inspects, cleans and monitors equipment and supplies to ensure resident safety. Reports any equipment or supply issues to the Licensed Nurse for correction or repair.

* Assists residents with bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation, grooming, and eating according to their individual service plan.

* Assists with transportation to dining room for meal service and/or to Program Services programs within the community.

* Assists with personal and household chores such as tidying up room, errands, delivers mail and newspaper.

* May provide transportation to medical appointments outside of the
community, with pre-approved authorization.

* Answers resident call signals promptly. 17 Observes and monitors residents for their safety and well being.

* Offers comfort and support, emotionally and physically.

* Effectively communicates changes in resident status to nurses and/or administration, documents observations thoroughly.

* Assists with vital signs and weight monitoring of residents and completes all required documentation.

* Assists serving residents their meals and clearing the tables, as needed.

* Follows procedure for medication reminders (NOT to administer) to ensure correct day, time and that they are indeed being taken.

* Assists residents’ relatives, visitors and guests as needed.

* Maintains a positive and professional environment and projects a calm and competent image.

* Concerns his/herself with OSHA regulations and the safety of all community residents in order to minimize the potential for fire and accidents. Also, ensures that the location adheres to the legal, safety, health, fire and sanitation codes by being familiar with his/her role in carrying out the site’s fire, safety and disaster plans and by being familiar with current MSDS.

* Puts Customer Service first; ensures that residents and families receive the highest quality of service in a caring and compassionate atmosphere which recognizes the individuals’ needs and rights.

* Assists with the training and orientation of new staff as requested. 28 Performs all other duties as requested.


* Must have a current Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate in accordance with state requirements.

* A minimum of a high school education or high school equivalency diploma to be considered.

* Must attend a minimum of 12 hours continuing education per year to maintain the certificate.

* Must be able to read, write and understand the English language.

* Current certificate in an accredited First Aid course and CPR.

* Participation in medication course required.

An equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or otherwise. Minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.