Director of Resident Care (LPN)

  • Affinity Living Group
  • Nashville, North Carolina
  • Posted: Apr 23, 2019

Job Description

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The Director of Resident Care is responsible for oversight of all personal care services and medication delivery services to residents on a day-to-day basis as required by the state regulations and Affinity policies.

The Director of Resident Care assists in maintaining an environment that will be homelike, safe and supportive of the resident.

The Director of Resident Care assures the training and supervision of care staff in accordance with the residents’ needs, state regulations, and Affinity policies and procedures.

Minimum eligibility requirements:

* Must be 21 years of age
* Graduate of a Licensed Practical Nursing Program
* Valid State Licensure as an LPN or RN
* Must have at least one year of management experience in Long Term Care.
* Experience of 1-2 years minimum or 3+ years preferred in the care of senior adults and adults with cognitive decline.
* Must be able to communicate effectively with residents, families, staff, community and State officials and general public.
* Must have compassion for and desire to work with the elderly with the understanding that for each resident the facility is considered the Resident’s home.
* Must demonstrate the ability to work responsibly as a team member as well as an individual.
* Must be honest, ethical, fair, dependable, respect confidentiality and the rights and privacy of others.
* Must practice and promote Affinity Guidelines, Policies and Procedures, Mission Statement, Values and goals.
* Maintain practice certification and at least 12 continuing educational hours as required by NC certification agencies to also include required hours of dementia specific yearly training.
* Must have exceptional organizational skills and ability to re-prioritize daily tasks in order to accommodate fluctuating needs of the resident and community.
* Must have strong documentation skills.
* Must be able to perform with high level of communication skills, both verbal and written.
* Must be proficient in basic office equipment, including a computer, with the purpose of accomplishing and maintaining a high level of job performance.
* Must have experience in training and staff development.
* Must be willing to work flexible work schedule based on staffing requirements.
* Must have the ability to develop systems for monitoring resident health conditions and for ensuring efficient and safe delivery of resident care.
* Must pass criminal background check.
* Must meet all health requirements.
* Must have valid driver’s license.
* Must be able to perform duties and responsibilities (essential job functions), with or without reasonable accommodation.
Essential functions:

* Clinical
* Direct staff to provide quality and appropriate resident care that meets or exceeds company and regulatory standards.
* Ensure sound infection control practices are in place that promote a healthy environment and ensure all required infection control training is met.
* Be able to ensure that staff can apply the community’s accident, fire safety, disaster, elopement and emergency procedures for protection of the staff and residents.
* Maintain responsibility for development, implementation, modification and communication of all resident assessments and care plans.
* Participate in resident and family care conferences.
* Schedules and performs resident rounds to monitor and evaluate the quality and appropriateness of care.
* Serve as liaison between resident, family, physician and other health care providers regarding health care issues.
* Ensure that changes in resident conditions are evaluated, reported, monitored, and documented with follow up to assure interventions are implemented and documented.
* Perform hands-on care procedures within the scope of practice as allowed by state law and in compliance with Affinity Living Group policy.
* Provide oversight of the medication management systems and ensure that Medications Aides are competently trained and that medications are available, dispensed in a safe and effective manner, that the Medication Administration Records (MARs) are accurate and complete and that all medications are current, properly stored and properly disposed of when discontinued.
* Maintain an accurate and sufficient inventory of all care supplies including all infection control supplies plus incontinent supplies, and follow established purchasing protocols.
* Must participate as a team member of the facility’s Quality Assurance Committee and assure the requirements of the Community’s QA Program are accurately completed each quarter.
* Audit resident records on a regular basis and ensure that documentation indicates compliance with State Regulatory care requirements. Assure records accurately address the care issues, including identified concerns, interventions and outcomes of all residents. In addition, ensure when required, the health care needs are contracted to the appropriate agencies per doctor’s orders.
* Manages clinical aspects of state or federal government survey processes.
* Ensure that resident care is provided in a safe and effective manner while consistently maintaining resident dignity, choice, privacy and respect.
* Maintain a current knowledge of OSHA and state regulations and routinely monitor community compliance with regulations related to resident care.
* Assure the completion of staff schedules with ongoing monitoring of schedules to assure staffing requirements are met.
* Recruiting and hiring of qualified care staff employees.
* Serves as a member of the community’s leadership team and may act as the Executive Director in Charge in his or her absence.
* Coordinates and oversees the ordering of resident specific and departmental health related supplies.
* Must perform calculations in support of personnel, actions, budget, and other financial responsibilities. Understand and conceptualize complex concepts, as well as ability to make appropriate decisions in stressful situations.
* Any other duties assigned by the Executive Director.
* Supervisory functions
* Responsible for supervising, assigning significant overall duties and tasks and responsibly directing the work of all care employees with full accountability for the performance of subordinates.
* Responsible for timely and effective communication of all department employees including positive feedback, ongoing and annual evaluations and performance counseling including disciplinary action.
* Interview, make hiring recommendations and orient new staff.
* Schedule and reschedule staff using independent judgment and exercising discretion when creating the schedule and making determinations regarding granting employee requests for time off or other modifications in work schedules.
* Responsible for tracking attendance and effectively carrying out disciplinary action where appropriate as per Affinity’s policy.
* Responsible for assuring staff maintain current certifications, and training requirements.
* Communicate and enforce policies and procedures including Affinity’s policies and procedures dealing with rules of employee conduct, the employer’s safety and sanitation policies and other human resource policies, and directly discipline and effectively recommend corrective and disciplinary action to enforce such policies.
* Evaluate performance and effectively recommend changes to terms and conditions of employment based on such evaluations.
* Hold Care Staff stand up meetings and participation in other management daily standup meetings.