Dietary Aide/Assistant

  • Glenwood Park
  • 1924 Glenwood Park Road
  • Posted: Apr 22, 2019
Allied Health

Job Description


Assist with food preparation and tray service for residents, set up dining room, perform cleaning duties including dishes, prepare snacks and supplements, prepare drink trays including those for modified consistency, and other duties that promote good meal services and cleanliness/sanitation.


* Assist cook
* Set up tray line
* Set up dining room serving table with glasses, straws, etc.
* Work tray line, serving main courses/desserts/salads, etc. (per shift worked)
* Check trays for accuracy of therapeutics, residents preferences, and condiments
* Check and/or monitor temperatures and other required measurements
* Date food items as required
* Transport food carts to dining areas
* Responsible for portioning desserts, special juice, coffee, milk, etc. for meals (per shift)
* Responsible for preparing and delivering nutrition and special snacks to nutrition pantries
* Maintain items in reach in; refill juices, tea, etc. as needed
* Distribute supplements as ordered on drink/snack trays
* Keep shelves in storerooms, freezer, and refrigeration units clear and in order; discard all outdated food items as needed, all shifts
* Keep kitchen in a sanitary condition
* Keep all cooking equipment, utensils and appliances clean and stored properly
* Keep floor, walls, vents, hood, windows, counters, etc., clean and in order
* Carry out duties (food handling, dishwashing) in a sanitary manner
* Maintain awareness of policy/procedure if fire occurs under hood of stove
* Maintains active Food Handlers card
* Other duties as assigned

* High school diploma or equivalent
* Ability to read and write
* Previous food handling experience preferred