Respiratory Care Department Manager

  • Central Valley Specialty Hospital
  • 730 17th Street
  • Posted: Apr 19, 2019

Job Description



This job description is a record of the essential functions of the listed job. The job description provides the employee, CEO, COO, Human Resources, applicants and other agencies with a clear understanding of the job, where it fits into the organization, and the skill and work requirements in relation to other jobs. Jobs are always changing to some degree and the existence of the approved job description is not intended to limit normal change and growth. The facility will make reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified individuals who are capable of performing the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation.


The position involve’s direct patient care for a population of patients ages 18 and older. Age specific experience and/or special training and/or expertise are not required to serve this population.


Under general supervision of the Respiratory Care Director and or the Pulmonary Director the manager performs respiratory therapy work of considerable difficulty.

In addition to being a technical specialist, department managers; assign, train, monitor and evaluate subordinate staff; and may participate in the work of the shift. The expectations of this position include:

* Proper management and use of resources.
* Balancing a template for the scheduling of staff.
* Creating a template by which overtime may be monitored and avoided.
* Create safe patient ratios using an approved points system.
* Having a working report with oxygen services and ensuring that there is a safe amount of oxygen on the premises at all times.
* Establishing and following a working capital budget that leads to effective use of company resources.
* Ensure with audits that proper documentation is being done by staff and that billing and orders are input properly.
* Establish a system of monitoring all artificial airways in the building mechanically ventilated or not.
* Review contracts regularly to ensure that pricing is accurate to the industry standards.
* Evaluating employees annually and providing them with feedback or corrective action as needed.

License/Certificate: Must possess a current Respiratory Care Practitioner license issued by the Respiratory Care Board of the State of California. Credentialed as an RRT by the NBRC. Current BLS and ACLS certification.

Experience: Three years’ experience as a respiratory care practitioner. Experience in a Supervisory/Management position preferred. Strong communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.

Knowledge of: Principles of general management, supervision and training; current principles, methods and techniques of respiratory therapy and blood gas testing; clinical aspects of blood gases and respiratory therapy care; Pulmonary function testing and operation of equipment used in respiratory therapy; effective guest relation techniques.