Director of Clinical Services/Director of Nursing (DON)

  • Diakonos Group, LLC
  • 3325 French Park Drive, Suite 6
  • Posted: Apr 18, 2019

Job Description

We are driven by our commitment to bring positive change to our profession and expect excellence and progressive leadership from our employees. We build a work environment where each individual is valued and respected and has the opportunity for personal and professional growth. We will always strive to be the difference makers and a guiding light in our profession.

This DON postion is for one of our facilities located in the Tulsa Metro area.:

Purpose of Your Job Position:

The primary purpose of your job position is to plan, organize, develop and direct the overall operation of our Nursing Service Department in accordance with current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern our facility, and as may be directed by the Administrator and the Medical Director, to ensure that the highest degree of quality care is maintained at all times.


RN (Registered Nurse) - Must possess, as a minimum, a Nursing Degree from an accredited college or university.


* Must have, as a minimum, three (3) years of experience as a supervisor in a hospital, nursing care facility, or other related health care facility.
* Must have, as a minimum six (6) months experience in rehabilitative and restorative nursing practices.
Job Functions:

Every effort has been made to identify the essential functions of this position. However, it in no way states or implies that these are the only duties you will be required to perform. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or is an essential function of the position.

* Plan, develop, organize, implement, evaluate, and direct the nursing service department, as well as its programs and activities, in accordance with current rules, regulations, and guidelines that govern the nursing care facilities.
* Develop, maintain, and periodically update written policies and procedures that govern the day-to-day functions of the nursing service department.
* Maintain a reference library of written nursing material (i.e., PDR’S, Regulations, Standards of Practice, etc.) that will assist the nursing service department in meeting the day-to-day needs of the resident.
* Develop, maintain, and periodically update the Nursing Service Procedures Manual and nursing service objectives and philosophies.
* Develop and implement a nursing service organization structure.
* Make written and oral reports/recommendations to the Administrator, as necessary/required, concerning the operation of the nursing service department.
* Develop, maintain, and periodically update written job descriptions for each level of nursing personnel in accordance with pertinent laws and regulations.
* Develop methods for coordination of nursing services with other resident services to ensure the continuity of the residents’ total regimen of care.
* Develop, implement, and maintain an ongoing quality assurance program for the nursing service department.
* Participate in facility surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies as necessary or as may be directed.
* Assist the Quality Assessment and Assurance Committee in developing and implementing appropriate plans of action to correct identified deficiencies.
* Assist the Discharge Planning Coordinator in developing, implementing and periodically updating the written procedures for the Discharge Planning Program.
* Assist the resident and Discharge Planning Coordinator in planning the nursing services portion of the resident’s discharge plan.
* Perform administrative duties such as completing medical forms, reports, evaluations, studies, charting, etc., as necessary.
* Monitor the facility’s QI, QM, and survey reports. Assist in developing plans of action to correct potential or identified problem areas.
* Assist in calculating the number of direct nursing care personnel on duty each shift. Report such information to the Administrator or his/her designee to ensure that accurate staffing information is posted.
* Agree not to disclose assigned user ID code and password for accessing resident/facility information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Administrator.
* Agree not to disclose resident’s protected health information and promptly report suspected or known violations of such disclosure to the Administrator.
* Report any known or suspected unauthorized attempt to access facility’s information system.
* Determine the staffing needs of the nursing service department necessary to meet the total nursing needs of the residents.
* Recommend the number and level of nursing personnel to be employed.
* Assist the Administrator and/or the HR Director in the recruitment and selection of nursing service personnel.
* Ensure that all nursing assistants are enrolled in or have graduated from an approved training program.
* Assign a sufficient number of licensed practical and/or registered nurses for each tour of duty to ensure that quality care is maintained.
* Assign a sufficient number of certified nursing assistants for each tour of duty to ensure that routine nursing care is provided to meet the daily nursing care needs of each resident.
* Ensure that all nurse aide trainees are under the direct supervision of a licensed nurse.
* Develop work assignments and schedule duty hours, and/or assist nursing supervisory staff in completing and performing such tasks.