Rehab Aide

  • NHC HealthCare, Parklane
  • 7601 Parklane Rd
  • Posted: Apr 17, 2019
Allied Health

Job Description


The Rehab Aide is responsible for performing designated routine tasks related to the operation of the therapy services, and may assist with patient-related activities as assigned.


* High school diploma or GED equivalent..
* Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions.
* Ability to perform mental, physical and emotional requirements of the job.
* Ability to deal tactfully and effectively with patients, families, and coworkers.

* Must be able to take direction from the professional staff in an accurate and supportive manner.
* Ability to understand and follow the directions of the professional staff conscientiously and consistently.
* Able to maintain patient confidentiality.
* Must demonstrate emotional maturity and stability to cope with the demands of the position.
* Must possess and exercise sound judgment pertaining to assigned duties
* Perform tasks only within the scope of allowable duties.
* Develop knowledge of the principles, methods, materials, and equipment used in rehabilitation.
* Knowledge of possible hazards to patients during treatment and ability to follow hazard precautions.
* Does not represent self as therapist or therapy assistant.

* Able to tolerate being physically active the entire working day.
* Able to lift 50 -60 pounds, as needed.
* Able to lift, transfer, and guard patients safely, with appropriate level of assistance, and without possibility of injury to patient or self.
* Able to bend, stoop, squat, and lift numerous times daily without fatigue.
* Able to carry out fine motor and manual dexterity skills necessary for duties.
* Mental acuity and judgment skills to adequately and safely perform job requirements.
* Able to see and hear adequately in order to respond to auditory and visual indications of needs from patients and coworkers.

* Complete assigned duties as instructed.
* Assist in maintaining a safe, clean and professional work area.
* Assist in maintaining safe and properly functioning equipment.
* Communicate accurate information in written or verbal format.
* Maintain stock of supplies and linens, clean and maintain equipment and maintain a safe, neat, and efficient working environment.
* Perform general office procedures, as determined by the FRC/CRC.
* Prepare patients for treatment and assist the therapists and assistants as requested.
* Attend meetings and in-services as directed by the FRC/CRC.
* Ensure patients are transported to and from the appropriate therapy department in a safe, appropriate, and timely manner.