Infection Prevention Specialist - CVSH

  • Central Valley Specialty Hospital
  • 730 17th Street
  • Posted: Apr 17, 2019

Job Description



The Infection Prevention Specialist directs managerial functions of planning, organizing, coordinating, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the Infection Control Program. The Infection Prevention Specialist has the authority of Medical Staff and Governing Body to take necessary steps to prevent and/or control the acquisition and transmission of infectious agents in the patient, staff, and visitor populations. The Infection Prevention Specialist is responsible for the surveillance, analysis, and reporting of hospital acquired infections; educating employees about infection control; and the development of organizational infection control standards that meet state and federal regulatory and accrediting bodies, CDC, OSHA, and APIC guidelines.


License or Certification:

* Current License or registration certification as medical technologist or clinical laboratory scientist, physician or registered nurse, or a minimum of a baccalaureate degree in a healthcare field.
* Education, Training and years of experience: CIC preferred- Training in infection control and/or epidemiology, 1 year experience in acute hospital infection control practice preferred.

* Bachelors of Science in Nursing or Microbiology, preferred
* Training course from Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (Completed within 2 years).

* Understanding of nosocomial infection definitions, chart review, functional understanding of sterilization, disinfection and sanitation.
* Basic understanding and use of microbiology and epidemiology principles, statistical presentation, outbreak investigation techniques, and computer use.
* Adult teaching techniques, clear oral and written communication skills, project management, and policy management.
* Working knowledge of OSHA Blood borne Pathogen Standards, OSHA Tuberculosis.
* Protection, Title 22, State and Federal laws related to communicable disease, and DNV Standards.
* Ability to organize and work effectively and independently.

* Plan, develop, organize, implement, evaluate, coordinate, and direct our infection control program in accordance with current rules, regulations, and guidelines that govern such requirements in nursing care facilities.
* Ensure that the facility is in compliance with current CDC, OSHA, and local regulations concerning infection control or standard/ universal precautions.
* Develop, maintain, and periodically update infection control precautions and aseptic technique that successfully correct problem areas.
* Interpret infection control policies and procedures as necessary.
* Maintain a reference library of written infection control material that will assist the facility in monitoring the day-to-day needs of the isolated resident
* Make written and oral reports/recommendations to the CEO, as necessary/required, concerning the infection control program of this facility.
* Assist all departments in evaluating and classifying routine and job-related functions to ensure that tasks involving exposure to blood/body fluids are properly identifies.
* Chair the Infection Control Committee, monitor infection control practices and procedures to ensure that all personnel are implementing our standard operating procedures for tasks involving exposure to blood/body fluids.
* Educate/In-service of nursing staff, new hires, and yearly to ensure competency nursing personnel.