• The Arbor Inn
  • 14030 East 14 Mile
  • Posted: Apr 17, 2019
Allied Health

Job Description

General Description:

* Performs dietary and cooking activities within well established guides and assigned areas.

* Prepares and serves food according to recipes, production sheets, menus and diet orders.
* Is responsible for maintaining sanitation and safety standards in the kitchen and related work areas.
* Is responsible for protecting the quality and safety of products by use of proper food handling techniques.
* In the absence of the Dietary Supervisor, assumes supervisory responsibility for the Dietary Department.
Performance Requirements:

* Reviews menus to determine the type of foods to be prepared. Prepare items using the recipe and in the number of servings identified to meet production needs.
* Plans cooking schedule so food will be prepared and ready at the specified time.
* Prepares all special orders.
* Consults with the Dietary Supervisor in regards to diets and handling over or under production problems.
* Bakes, roasts, steams, grills meats, fish, vegetables and other foods in accordance to standardized recipes.
* Tastes food and adds ingredients and seasoning to improve flavor and texture. Notes additions or deletions on the recipe and notifies the Dietary Supervisor of the changes.
* Test food to see that they are properly cooked and served at the correct serving temperatures. Record temperatures on the appropriate temperature log.
* Inspects food in storage for mold, vermin, insects and the general appearance. Deteriorated food is to be called to the attention of the Dietary Supervisor. Properly stores food items after production and service.
* The cook must be able to read and understand written policies, procedures, instructions, recipes and labels.
* Communicates in a pleasant and professional manner with all personnel and residents in the facility.
* Is responsible for keeping the kitchen clean as specified on the cleaning schedule.
* Keeps all equipment clean and in order.
* Prepares for tomorrow as directed by production needs.
* Adheres to all Health Department and State of Michigan standards.
* Listens to the direction of the Dietary Supervisor. Follows direction from Dietary Supervisor.
Personal Responsibilities:

* Maintain clean and sanitary conditions in assigned areas according to established standards.
* Economical use of supplies, care and use of equipment.
* Keeping up with work demand. Quality of work performed.
* Attendance is mandatory.
* Cooperate with other employees to promote efficiency and morale of departments.
* Must be clean, well groomed and in uniform at all times (including a name tag).