Health and Well-Being Director / Director of Nursing (DON)

  • Greater Houston Area
  • Victoria, Texas
  • Posted: Apr 17, 2019

Job Description


Health and Well-Being Director will ensure health services issues of assigned residents are addressed, as well as other service issues that have a potential impact upon the health of residents. Important note: This role will report to a senior living community outside of this Metro Area.


* Must be at least 21 years old.
* Must be a Registered Nurse or LVN
* Meet state or provincial health related requirements.
* Maintain current professional license (RN or LVN)
* Maintain current CPR certification.
* Maintain any other certifications as required by state or provincial regulations.
* Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing.

All responsibilities are to be performed within scope of practice per state or provincial regulations.

* Ensure quality staff of Nurses/Medication Attendants/Resident Services Attendants by recruiting, hiring, supervising, evaluating, counseling, and if necessary, terminating team members.
* Ensure Nurses/Medication Attendants/Resident Services Attendants are educated and trained using the respective Resources (e.g., Nurse Resource).
* Ensure regular competency evaluations of Nurses/Medication Attendants/Resident Services Attendants are completed.
* Conduct continuing education and training for Nurses/Medication Assistants/Resident Services Attendants as necessary.
* Complete Nursing Assessments, auxiliary evaluations of residents, and all other required and/or appropriate evaluations, addressing physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.
* Develop service plans, ensuring health services issues and other issues that potentially impact the health of residents are effectively addressed.
* Ensure “processing” of new residents using New Resident Checklist; personally transcribe or otherwise implement all orders for new residents, or ensure this task is completed.
* Ensure service plan review meetings occur per policy.
* Attend service plan meetings.
* Ensure that health services and other services that potentially impact the health of residents are offered according to service plans.
* Monitor physician orders and ensure correct implementation.
* Monitor laboratory and other test results.
* Monitor MAR:
* Ensure medications and treatments are administered as ordered, including the use of Yesterday’s Missed Medications report.
* Ensure parameters for administration of PRN medications and treatments are entered on MAR.
* Address issues regarding unavailable medications or treatment supplies.
* Establish weight regimens, ensure weights are entered on MAR and/or Vital Signs Record, and address all significant weight changes.
* Establish vital sign regimens and related notification parameters; ensure vital signs are entered on MAR and adhered to.
* Monitor alert charting, especially to ensure appropriate team member response to issues.
* Assess residents, at minimum, upon initiation and completion of alert charting process.
* Monitor skin problems using Current Skin Problems form; address identified skin problems.
* Monitor Shift Change Notes.
* Monitor Communication Log.
* Monitor and address consulting pharmacy reports.
* Complete review of Resident Incident Reports.
* Advise health services team members concerning resident health issues, by telephone if not in community (carries cellular telephone).
* Effectively utilize and coordinate services with home health, hospice, and other agencies.
* Ensure physician orders are reviewed, sent to physician, and returned with physician signatures quarterly.
* Perform all responsibilities related to delegation of nursing tasks to unlicensed staff (in states or provinces in which such delegation is utilized).
* Investigate controlled substance count discrepancies.
* Ensure controlled substances are destroyed as necessary per policy and state or provincial regulations.
* Monitor to ensure Daily Assignments duties are performed.
* Perform quality assurance audits as directed by Executive Director.
* Effectively communicate with physicians and other healthcare professionals involved with services to residents.
* Ensure compliance with all federal and state or provincial regulations pertaining to health services.
* Perform other duties that may be assigned.