Dining Room Server

  • Arbor Terrace of Athens
  • 170 Marilyn Farmer Way
  • Posted: Apr 16, 2019

Job Description

Part-time, week days weekends no shift end later than 3:00 pm:


Servers will participate in dining room preparation and provide restaurant-style service to residents during each meal.

Server duties to include:

* For each meal:
* Distribute meal tickets to each table
* Check table setting
* Prepare appropriate beverages
* Dish and serve appropriate appetizers
* Provide each table with pitcher of ice water
* Set up appropriate condiments
* Serve coffee and tea during meal
* Carry plates from kitchen to residents within 30 minutes of resident taking seat
* Clear tables as residents leave
* Prepare for second seating
* Serve second seating
* Clean dining room and reset (sweep and mop)
* Pick up meal tickets for next meal
* Additional responsibilities:
* Deep clean assigned section of Dining Room on daily basis
* Assist residents in completing menus as needed
* Requirements for job:
* Ability to read, write and speak English
* Ability to stand and walk for the majority of an 8 hour shift
* Tolerance for heat and cold
* Ability to lift 30 pounds