Weekday On-Call Nurse - PRN

  • Homestead Hospice
  • 1849 Glynwood Dr
  • Posted: Apr 15, 2019

Job Description

Job Summary:

The Weekday On-Call Night nurse will provide supervisory nursing coverage for patients and ancillary personnel after hours Monday through Friday.


* Graduate of an approved school of nursing.
* Current unrestricted registration in the state.
* Minimum of 2 years of experience in medical-surgical oncology, or Community health nursing or equivalent.
* At least one year experience in hospice nursing.
* Must understand the physical psychosocial and spiritual concerns of the terminal patient and the effects of the prognosis on the family.
* Must demonstrate good interpersonal skills to patients, families, team members, and other health care professionals.

* Provide nursing service Monday through Friday 5 pm through 8 am.
* Respond to emergency telephone requests for patient care, questions or concerns, and medical emergencies.
* Turn on cell phone at all times or notify the answering service of how you can be reached.
* Patient visits after hours/weekends are for emergency purposes. The phone consultation will be used to provide instructions to family/caregivers to help solve problems. After advice is given, the nurse will follow up within a reasonable amount of time to reassess the situation. If there is no improvement and/or the situation is unstable, a visit will be offered and/or made by the nurse.
* Calls will be responded to within 10 minutes of receiving the signal on the pager or answering service.
* Document all contacts on Care Any Ware.
* In the event of a death during the on-call hours, a visit is offered. If declined, the nurse will assist the family by calling the funeral home, etc. If a visit is made, the RN will pronounce the patient and complete necessary paperwork. Provide the funeral home with their copy and file remaining copies in the patient’s chart.
* Attending physicians are to be notified during reasonable hours of all deaths or discharges unless physicians request otherwise.
* Reports will be given to the Clinical manager or DON on Monday by fax or phone of patients’ condition changes or problems, needs, deaths, or admissions.
* Nurse may be asked to do “start of care” on patients.
* The On-call Nurse can call Administrator for back up when on call.
* Accept any other duties as assigned.