Pharmacy Technician

  • LCMC Health
  • 1401 Foucher Street New Orleans Louisiana 70115 United States
  • Posted: Apr 14, 2019
Full-time Allied Health

Job Description

LCMC Health is a Louisiana-based, not-for-profit healthcare system serving the needs of the people of Louisiana, the Gulf South and beyond.  LCMC Health currently manages award-winning hospitals including Children's Hospital of New Orleans, Touro Infirmary, New Orleans East Hospital, University Medical Center and West Jefferson Medical Center.
For 165 years, Touro has been in the vanguard of medical excellence. As one of New Orleans most enduring monuments, Touro Infirmary stands for stability. Tens of thousands of babies have been born here, and we've treated more than a million people. Our modern facilities utilize the latest technology. Touro offers a full range of services including emergency services, preventive diagnostics, surgical care, women’s services, cardiology, cancer treatment, rehabilitation, imaging, orthopedics, stroke care and more. In its history, Touro Infirmary has cared for generations of New Orleanians. Our patients and the community can count on our ongoing commitment the health and wellbeing for generations to come.
To assist the Pharmacist in preparing medication accurately, to deliver medications to the units in a timely manner and to provide excellent patient care.
Technical or Vocational school
Certified Pharmacy Technician
Medication Preparation and Dispensing
  • Accurately loads newly ordered medications to the automated medstation (3.75%)
  • Process medication labels from printer, medication refills and new loads for automated medstations (3.75%)
  • Assists pharmacist in preparing items on dispensing counter to be delivered to nursing units (3.75%)
  • Tubes or delivers all first doses of ordered medication and stat medication orders in a timely manner (3.75%)
  • Restocks all medication trays in a timely manner (3.75%)
  • Delivers medication trays to Central Supply when requested (3.75%)
Carousel Management
  • Scans all medications that are received into and removed out of the carousel per policy (3.5%)
  • Enters appropriate quantities and expiration dates of medications when receiving medications into the carousel (3.5%)
  • Checks backup stock in inventory room for additional medication stock before changing inventory quantity in carousel (3.5%)
  • Performs routine cycle counts and checks for expired medications as mandated by management (3.5%)
  • Pulls expired medications from automated medstation daily (3.5%)
Medication Delivery
  • Provides a timely delivery of medication to the patient care areas according to scheduled delivery times. (3.75%)
  • Places patient specific medications in patient bins on the nursing units (3.75%)
  • Brings back all medications and discharged patient medications that have been placed in pharmacy return bins while on scheduled deliveries (3.75%)
  • Credits and returns to pharmacy inventory all eligible medications that are returned from patient specific bins upon discharge (3.75%)
Pharmacy Inventory
  • Scans in all non-carousel items with wholesaler’s handheld scanner device (1.6%)
  • Places refrigerated items in appropriate (refrigerator) bin when receiving order into pharmacy inventory (1.6%)
  • Receives, unpacks and places pharmacy order into inventory on weekend if scheduled (1.6%)
  • Unpacks pharmacy order from wholesaler based on inventory location and accurately places order on appropriate cart for placement in carousel (1.6%)
  • Scans all medications from pharmacy order with Seimens barcode scanner to assure medication with scan for Medication Administration Checking (MAK) (1.6%)
  • Utilizes DQSA TrackTrace software to Loan medications to other facilities according to hospital process (1.6%)
  • Completes assigned monthly unit inspections on time (1.25%) Performs nursing unit inspections. 
  • Removes expiring medication from automated medstation before expiration date (1.25%)
  • Accurately repackages bulk items for distribution (1.25%)
  • Returns repackaged medications back in pharmacy carousel inventory (1.25%)
  • Records refrigerator temperature daily for medication refrigerators that are not electronically monitored and documents interventions. (1.25%)
  • Notifies pharmacy management or a pharmacist when refrigerator temperature is out of range (1.25%)
  • Documents departmental cleaning on appropriate logs daily. (1.25%)
  • Inspects expiration dates of medication in pharmacy and removes outdated medication from stock. (1.25%)
Pharmacy Service
  • Pharmacy technicians must act with professionalism at all times (1.7%)
  • Pharmacy technicians must work with a sense of urgency and ownership of all work pertaining to pharmaceutical care while on their tour of duty. (1.7%)
  • Pharmacy technicians must maintain good customer service while on their tour duty which includes but not limited to assisting the pharmacists in answering the phones and assuring phones are answered by the 3 ring, answering the pharmacy doorbell in a timely manner and assisting the pharmacist whenever requested. (1.7%)
Touro Infirmary is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.