Director of Physical Plant Services

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  • Bayleigh Chase Easton Maryland 21601 US
  • Posted: Apr 11, 2019
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Job Description

About Bayleigh Chase


Located on a 35-acre campus in historic Easton, Bayleigh Chase is a not-for-profit life plan community that affords residents a lifestyle of flexibility and choice to live life on their own terms. Bayleigh Chase offers independent living options in its villas, cottages and apartment homes, as well as a continuum of supportive living services, including assisted living, neurocognitive support, outpatient and short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing and diagnostic and treatment support through the Samuel and Alexia Bratton Neurocognitive Clinic.  


Summary Statement:  Manages the functions of two or more of the community's physical plant services departments which may include: Maintenance, Environmental, Transportation and/or Security Services.


Essential Job Functions:

Describe the specific Duties and Responsibilities of the position from most critical to least.

Job Functions


1.    Maintains control of all supplies and equipment used in respective departments supervised.  Monitors supply distribution, usage and inventory levels.  Inspects equipment for proper and safe working condition.


2.    Establishes work schedules for all required areas and continuously monitors assignments to be sure work is being done and personnel are following authorized schedules.    


3.    Monitors employee's timekeeping practices through the automated payroll system and is responsible for accurate time recording as well as timely completion of all payroll processes.


4.    Reports on departmental budget variances and corrective actions to the executive director.


5.    Provides required site specific OSHA and safety education/training for all departmental staff.


6.    Conducts annual performance reviews for all supervised employees in a timely and professional manner.  Encourages personal growth of employees through the development and updating of employee succession plans.


7.    Develops and maintains a '5 Year" capital plan for the community and respective departmental budgets.


8.    Coordinates a preventative maintenance program for the physical plant.


9.    Coordinates and oversees contracted labor for all physical plant services projects.


  • Coordinates an on-call emergency system for all appropriate staff.

          11. May perform other duties as assigned.



    Education & Experience: The critical skills and knowledge required to successfully perform the functions of the position are normally obtained thru:

        • Education Level: High school diploma or GED
        • Years of Relevant Work Experience: 5-10 years of related building and/or environmental services work experience with proven knowledge of electronics, carpentry, painting, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and commercial kitchen appliances.  The work experience should include 5 or more years of progressively responsible management experience with an understanding of NFPA, EPA, OSHA as well as state and local life safety regulations.

    Critical Skills and Necessary Knowledge:


    ·         Organization

    ·         Excellent written, verbal and grammatical skills within the English language

    ·         Communication and Interpersonal (must be able to work well in a team-oriented environment

    ·         Excellent computer software knowledge (MS Word, Excel, Outlook, AOD, Millennium)

    ·         Exceptional customer service, quick evaluation and decision making

    ·         Must be able to meet deadlines as required

    ·         Can operate all office equipment (including telephone, computer, copier)

    ·         Work efficiently with minimal supervision


    Physical Demands

    ·         Frequent sitting

    ·         Frequent talking and hearing

    ·         Occasional standing and walking

    ·         Frequent near acuity

    ·         Occasional operation of hand controls

    ·         Sitting frequently with occasional standing and walking.

    ·         Occasional reaching from below knees to shoulder level

    ·         Bending, squatting occasionally.

    ·         Lifting and carrying of 50 to 100 pounds on an occasional basis

    ·         Operation of hand-arm and foot-leg control

    ·         Able to use hand to perform frequent grasping, writing and typing.

    ·         Climbing and balancing on stairs, ladders and scaffolds occasionally

    ·         Frequent fine finger dexterity


    ·         Talking and hearing in person and on telephone



    Environmental Conditions

    ·         Inside - 100%

    ·         Climate controlled office/nursing home environment

    ·         Exposure to weather

    ·         Exposure to extremes of cold and heat with temperature change

    ·         Exposure to wet and or humidity

    ·         Exposure to loud noises

    ·         Hazards -fumes, dust, odors, gases, moving objects, electrical shock, height, toxic chemicals