Director of Environmental Services

  • Church of God Home
  • 801 N Hanover St
  • Posted: Apr 08, 2019

Job Description


Church of God Home:

801 N. Hanover St.

Carlise, PA 17013

This is a hands-on, working position and will oversee the day-to-day operations at Church of God Home in Carlisle, PA.:

Job Summary:

The Director of Environmental Services is responsible for managing the maintenance and custodial departments and provides a comfortable, safe and clean environment for team members, visitors, and residents.

Major Responsibilities, Duties, and Functions of the Position:

Essential Functions of the Position:

* Maintain a working knowledge and compliance with facility and departmental policy and procedures to include, but not limited to: Team Member Handbook, MSDS, corporate compliance, HIPPA, and disaster preparedness
* Continuously evaluate the labor component, capital opportunity and supply costs to effectively prepare and manage the operating and capital budgets.
* Be knowledgeable and have a working understanding of the Federal, State, and local regulations that govern the department
* Develop corporate SOP’s for cleaning, disinfecting and equipment usages across all communities.
* Develop and execute audit procedures to determine effectiveness of cleaning protocols via weekly visits of the communities.
* Assist with regulatory inspections of the facility
* Responsible to purchase and maintain appropriate inventories of supplies and equipment.
* Maintain a continuous knowledge of the senior living industry through on-going education.
* Hire, supervise, discipline, lead, and motivate department Team Members
* Manages Team Members work assignments using the department master schedules
* Responsible to orient team members to SOP’s and manage personnel according to company policy.
* Responsible for survey results relative to the departments at all communities.
* Follow oral and written instructions.
* Have a working knowledge of supervised Team Members duties and maintain a system to ensure proper evaluations can be completed
* Must be able to mediate and resolve problems
* Ensure proper utilization of labor within the department using software and reports provided
* Oversee department payroll and timecard approval
* Maintain accurate, legible, and concise records
* Maintain compliance with facility policy and procedures relevant to both departmental specific and team member established guidelines
* Must be willing to work flexible hours to meet the needs of the resident and Team Members as a condition of employment
* Must be calm and collected when responding to emergency matters
* Attends all facility meetings, as assigned or requested by Sr. Management or Sr. Leadership
* Develop and promote, through various initiatives, the strategic goals of the organization and department
* Foster communication within the community to create an environment of transparency
* Assist in the development, implementation, and enforcement of policies and procedures that are necessary to successfully manage resident care and foster exceptional team member relationships
* Promotes and maintains a positive relationship with the medical community
* Handles complaints from families
* Attends conferences, seminars, programs and obtains CEU’s for license requirements or to enhance individual knowledge of the industry, based on budgetary approval
* Identifies , participates and communicates opportunities for performance/process improvement to the Executive Director
* Participates in performance improvement as needed
* Maintain proper supply and repair parts inventories
* Identify, report to administration and schedule repair of any equipment malfunction.
* Develops and implement maintenance schedules for all areas of the facilities
* Assist executive director in creating plan of correction for any survey deficiencies
* Implement plan of correction for any deficiencies relative to survey deficiencies
* Assist in hands on maintenance tasks as needed
* Be available for on call situations as needed
* Ensure proper operation of physical plant
* Ensure proper repair and operation of equipment
* Ensure facilities are in good cosmetic repair
* Maintain good relationships with local fire departments and local governing entities
* Operates snow removal equipment and is required to remove snow/ice
* Perform General Maintenance duties as assigned
* Immediately report resident related care concerns about treatment or abuse to the Department Supervisor as well as the Executive Director of the facility
* Interact with Team Members, Residents, and Guests in a courteous and professional manner
* Be accountable for all information in the Team Member Handbook
* Maintain confidentiality of resident, Team Member, family and facility information
* Understand and upholds Resident Rights
* Follow each Residents Plan of Care
* Follow oral and written instructions for all duties assigned and performed in an effective, timely and professional manner
* Complete assigned tasks in accordance with organization, facility, and department procedures
* Demonstrate the ability to work both independently and as part of a team
* Use supplies in an efficient and cost effective manner
* Ensure equipment is treated with proper care and is used only for the purposes and in accordance for which it was designed to be used for
* Follow facility reporting guidelines for any equipment that is not functioning properly or is need of repair
* Use Infection control practices, including Standard Precautions, to prevent the spread of diseases
* Maintain cleanliness of work area
* Perform preventative and corrective maintenance tasks, as directed
* Complete all documentation per facility protocol and Standards of Practice
* Follow all IT protocols, including submission of Sysaids, for all technology related issues
* Answer call bells and assist as able