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  • 1300 S. Harrison
  • Posted: Apr 04, 2019
Allied Health

Job Description


Under the supervision of the FS Supervisor and FS Manager, is responsible for the preparation of food and sanitation, within the framework of BCS policies.


* Prepares all food items to order, following standard recipes and procedures within specified time limits. (constantly)
* All aspects of food preparation.
* Understand and comply with HACCP. (constantly)
* Clean, sanitize, organize, and maintain equipment. (constantly)
* Notify Supervisor/Manager immediately with any concerns with overall operations of the department. (occasionally)
* Must be able to commit the time necessary from an attendance and punctuality standpoint to accomplish the above specified Essentials of Job. (constantly)
* Contributes to the ongoing process of establishing and meeting departmental and BCS goals and objectives.
* Participate in utilizing customer feedback to measure and improve effectiveness of service level.
In addition, all BCS employees are expected to:

* Support and participate in the BCS Core Values.
* aintain a clear, safe and unobstructed work area, practice habits, and utilize appropriate safety equipment.
* Help train and give guidance to other BCS employees.
* Promote teamwork and cooperative effort.
* Follow all BCS policy and procedures.
* Provide customers with the highest quality products and service.
* Understand and apply quality improvement processes.
* Promotes Customer Service.

* Must be able to read English.
* Must be able to make simple math calculations.
* Proficient in the operation of commercial kitchen equipment.

* Visual acuity to prepare and read menus, recipes and instructions.
* Must move throughout the facility for an entire shift.
* Must lift or move up to 50 lbs. or more with assistance, occasionally; 25 lbs., frequently; 10 lbs., constantly.
* Must be able to position self to reach floor level to six feet from the floor.
* Must be able to grasp, lift, hold, move and position up to 50 lbs.
* Must be able to push/pull up to 200 lbs.
* Must have adequate hearing to respond to timers, phone orders, etc.
* Must be able to exert 30-50 foot pounds of force to push/pull stock cart.
* Must be able to withstand exposure to smoke, steam, high temperatures, humidity and extreme cold.
* Must be able to communicate effectively.

Full Time: