Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

  • Pacific Gardens Medical Center
  • 21530 s. Pioneer Blvd
  • Posted: Mar 29, 2019

Job Description

Additional Requirement: Position Requires travel/relocation:


Under general supervision, the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) provides professional nursing care to patients in accordance with individual needs, physician orders, hospital policy and standards of nursing practice. The CRNA works to ensure the safe administration of anesthesia, including providing pain management, assisting with stabilization services, and overseeing patient recovery. The CRNA is responsible for assessing the needs of each patient on his/her team, planning and implementing the care to meet those needs, interacting with team members and reporting to supervisor as appropriate.


* Valid temporary or permanent CA State Registered Nurse License.
* Graduate from a nurse anesthesia education program accredited by the Council of Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Education Programs as evidenced by verification of initial certification by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA).
* Valid certification through NBCRNA.
* Strong interpersonal skills, the ability to manage multiple priorities, be dedicated to the provision of quality patient care, and use sound judgement in decision-making.
* CPR certification required.
* Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification required.
* PALS certification required.
* EKG (Advanced 12 Lead for Medical Professionals) certification required within six months of hire.
* All licenses must remain current and active during employment.
* One year experience preferred.
* Ability to maintain assigned work hours: Requires endurance to perform tasks over long periods of work hours.

* Initiates an on-going systematic assessment of the physical, emotional, social, educational, and functional needs of the patient/family through interview, observation, and physical examination.
* Receives admissions and/or transfers to the unit.
* Completes nursing admission notes within 24 hours.
* Interprets assessment data and information to develop a nursing care plan which contains problem identification, nursing diagnosis, nursing orders, approaches, interventions, short/long term goals, and discharge planning.
* Develops nursing care plan utilizing nursing diagnosis
* Assesses safety and fall risk levels for patients
* Consults and coordinates with health care team members to asses, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans.
* Teaches and counsels patients/families, and makes referrals to appropriate resource personnel when needed.
* Documents patient, family, and significant other teaching
* Participates as a productive member of the interdisciplinary team in assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of rehabilitation goals.
* Assures that medical orders are transcribed and processed accurately, and integrates the medical care plan into the provision of nursing care.
* Assures that medication/I.V. administration is correct and according to the established nursing policies and procedures.
* Looks up unfamiliar medications
* Processes medication orders
* Administers medications as ordered
* Evaluates effectiveness of PRN medications
* Verbalizes process for self-administered medications
* Verbalizes patient education on identified medications
* Verbalizes standing orders
* Verbalizes policy and procedure for maintenance and care of central line catheters
* Administers I.V. drugs
* Provides for personal and environmental safety in accordance with hospital and nursing policies and procedures
* Demonstrates skills in handling emergency and life-threatening situations
* Locates and uses crash cart items
* Calls Code Blue and Medical Emergency
* Initiates CPR
* Follows P and P and POLST
* Assures that documents in the medical record are complete, factual, accurate and timely.
* Documents materials and equipment used.
* Verbalizes method to noting orders.
* Documents discharge in chart.
* Initiates and updates care plan as appropriate.
* Provides discharge instructions.
* Completes interagency transfer form.
* Provides nursing care to meet patient needs:
* Assesses the patient’s medical history and how it might affect the patient’s response to anesthesia
* Meets with the patient to obtain information, explain the process, and answer questions.
* Assess patient’s pain management needs prior to surgery to decide which medication and techniques best fit the patient’s needs.
* Performs focused, area-specific physical exams
* Performs a complete head-to-toe assessment of each assigned patient per shift using proper documentation tools.
* Demonstrates ability to assess/interpret age-specific data
* Acts promptly on changes in patient condition, utilizing SBAR method
* Reviews lab and test results, notifying physician of abnormal and critical results
* Performs wound care in accordance with policy, utilizing proper documentation tools.
* Performs basic ventilator management and trouble-shooting.
* Ensures appropriate and cost effective use of hospital supplies and resources.
* Assures and documents accurate sponge, sharp and instrument counts; implements corrective action with an incorrect count
* Provides instrumentation, equipment and supplies appropriate to the surgical procedure and assures their safe use
* Responsible for proper cleaning procedures at completion of the surgical intervention including correct disposal of solutions, trash and linen.
* Responsible for identification and preservation of the surgical specimen and assuring recording and sending to pathology.
* All other duties as assigned