Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) - Medical Center

  • Sonoma Specialty Hospital
  • 501 Petaluma Ave
  • Posted: Mar 26, 2019

Job Description

Job Summary::

Under general supervision, the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) provides professional nursing care to patients in accordance with individual needs, physician orders, hospital policy and standards of nursing practice. The CRNA works to ensure the safe administration of anesthesia, including providing pain management, assisting with stabilization services, and overseeing patient recovery. The CRNA is responsible for assessing the needs of each patient on his/her team, planning and implementing the care to meet those needs, interacting with team members and reporting to supervisor as appropriate.

Education, Training, Licenses, and Experience Required::

* Valid temporary or permanent CA State Registered Nurse License.
* Graduate from a nurse anesthesia education program accredited by the Council of Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Education Programs as evidenced by verification of initial certification by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA).
* Valid certification through NBCRNA.
* Strong interpersonal skills, the ability to manage multiple priorities, be dedicated to the provision of quality patient care, and use sound judgement in decision-making.
* CPR certification required.
* Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification required.
* PALS certification required.
* EKG (Advanced 12 Lead for Medical Professionals) certification required within six months of hire.
* All licenses must remain current and active during employment.
* One year experience preferred.
Essential Responsibilities::

* Conducts and/or reviews anesthetic evaluation of patients prior to surgical proceedings, deliveries or other pertinent medical procedures in hospital setting; consults with anesthesiologists and/or surgeons.
* Reviews patients charts, including permits, pre-operative medications, lab work, and any other significant variations, such as hearing aids, dentures, contact lenses, or other prostheses, in accordance with SSH policies and procedures and the departmental policy.
* Evaluates patients to identify apparent difficulties with airway control, etc. Ensures that all pre-anesthesia evaluations are documented thoroughly according to policies and standards. Explains tests, procedures and disease processes to patients and their family as indicated; explains the major anesthetic risks to patients as requested and documents that the risks are explained to patients.
* Develops the care regimen of assigned patients; reviews the care regimen with the supervising physician and gains concurrence; implements the anesthesia plan; starts IV solution, administers selected anesthetic, choice of anesthetic consistent with patient safety, surgical need, possible post-operative complications, and patients history and conditions. Evaluates and manages the patient, according to departmental policy.
* Participates with post anesthesia care unit personnel in a patient safety oriented interface when patients are transferred from the surgery suite. Monitors patients vital signs, such as blood pressure and observes any significant physical changes; informs anesthesiologist and/or surgeon of patients condition and takes any necessary remedial action such as infant resuscitation when necessary. Mixes solutions to required concentrations, such as Pentothal, succinylcholine, vaso-active drugs etc.
* Keeps current accurate and complete record of procedures performed and patients conditions immediately prior to the administration of anesthesia according to established standards.
* Performs procedures done outside of OR, such as intubation, arterial line placement, etc., in accordance with policies and procedures, competencies, and physician order. Charts details of procedures done on progress notes