Occupational Therapist - Industrial Rehab Practitioner

  • Tomah Memorial Hospital
  • 321 Butts Ave Tomah Wisconsin 54660 United States
  • Posted: Mar 19, 2019
Full-time Allied Health

Job Description


This position has responsibilities with general inpatient and outpatient Occupational Therapy at the hospital along with Industrial Rehab.

Position will work 36-40 hours per week and will be scheduled into 4-10 hour days.  Hours will be split between two departments and will include a 1 in 4 weekend inpatient hospital call rotation and a 1 in 4 holiday inpatient call rotation.  Call is flexible and the required response time is 4 hours.



The Occupational Therapist/Industrial Rehab Practitioner will evaluate, assess, treat and plan for consumers (inpatients, outpatients, industry, families and staff) with impaired functional ability caused by physical illness or injury, congenital or developmental disability, emotional disorder or age specific process, in order to achieve optimum functioning and to enhance health.  This person may be caring for children, adolescents, adults and/or senior patients and will have the knowledge and skills to care for the patient and developmental needs of these populations.

The Occupational Therapist/Industrial Rehab Practitioner will develop and coordinate activities related to industrial client injury prevention and management; facilitate, provide and direct  proactive injury reduction services per discipline both onsite and at the occupational health clinic– to provide baseline assessments of musculoskeletal disorders; provide treatment in accordance with OSHA guidelines for “non-recordable” injuries and complete related documentation and communication as needed.  The Occupational Therapist/Industrial Rehab Practitioner is also responsible for the delivery and facilitation of educational and consultative services to Business and Industry as it relates to his/her area of expertise.  This position also provides rehabilitative services, per discipline, under physician order to include assessment, treatment program planning and implementation, related documentation and communication in the rehabilitation and Med/Surg departments.



  • Provides direct patient care, evaluates functional needs and outcomes, and consults with other specialists as needed.  Reassesses patient’s functional needs and adjusts care plan as indicated to ensure optimal patient outcomes.
  • Performs comprehensive patient evaluation, including tests of functional ability, including functional job analysis, functional capacity evaluation and pre-work screenings/pre-work screen development as applicable or required.
  • Conducts therapy practice within defined standards of care and consistent with current OT practice including duty to refer when indicated in the proactive injury reduction setting.
  • Performs instruction of patient, family, staff, student or intern with consideration to physical/developmental age, ability/readiness to learn, cultural/emotional religious/social barriers.  Uses diagrams and/or handouts as necessary to facilitate the learning process.
  • Delivers age specific care to pediatric and geriatric clientele dependent on their growth, development and mental age/capacity.  Responds appropriately to physically and mentally challenged clientele.
  • Provides on-site services to business and industry including consultation with individual employees about pain and dysfunction as well as inservice/wellness/injury prevention education in accordance with applicable policies and guidelines.
  • Directs the practice of support staff in order to achieve the patient’s functional goals.
  • Communicates effectively with other professional and support staff in order to achieve positive patient outcomes.
  • Promotes and contributes to a positive, problem-solving environment.
  • Maintains established hospital and departmental policies and guidelines, objectives, quality improvement program, safety, environmental and infection control standards.
  • Documents evaluations, treatment goals and plans.  Regularly updates documentation and maintains all required prescriptions and signatures.
  • Enhances professional growth and development of self and others through participation in educational programs, current literature, in-service meetings and workshops.
  • Provides direction and leadership to staff, students and new graduates.  Acts as a resource to promote occupational therapy within the community.
  • Maintains a professional attitude and observes proper ethics.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in regards to the computer documentation of patient care and any other related computerized patient information/documentation.
  • Performs functional capacity evaluations per established protocol.
  • Develops and implements treatment/work conditioning in coordination with primary therapists, as applicable.
  • Conducts job analysis per therapist POC or physician request.  Reports ergonomic/job analysis findings to management and assists with implementation of recommendations as directed.
  • Coordinates safe return to work for worker’s compensation patients with one primary therapist as requested.  Facilitates return to work and case closure as indicated by physician’s rehab nurse and client. 
  • Assists physician with work restriction establishment, as requested and updates client/physician/employer periodically regarding work status.
  • Communicates with physicians, case managers, therapists, etc. in a timely manner regarding patients receiving industrial rehab services.  Provide accurate written documentation or records as requested.  Establish effective communication with management and employees of facilities served.
  • Provides discipline specific evaluation/treatment to rehab patients per schedule.
  • Establishes/assists with injury prevention programs, as directed.
  • Provides accurate record of activities to facility, as requested.
  • Submits billing information on a timely basis.
  • Facilitates case closure as indicated by physician’s rehab nurses and client.
  • Advocates for clients/employers long term needs and/or return to work.
  • Coordinates referrals to other disciplines or services as needed/required.
  • Updates client/physician/employer periodically regarding work status.
  • Stays abreast of regulatory changes in OSHA.
  • Participates in and/or coordinates marketing activities.
  • Updates Occupational Health Director and Rehab Services Director regarding programs, new markets and contracts.
  • Establishes/maintains competency FCE/Work Programs, FJA, FJD and PWS via WorkWell as applicable.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.
  • WORK ETHICS STANDARD: Affirm a commitment to making the Tomah Memorial Hospital work environment better through: patient advocacy, continuing education, and valuation of each individual person.
  • COMMUNICATION STANDARD: Affirm a commitment to use open and honest communication with all Tomah Memorial Hospital customers (in-house & community-wide) through: basic customer courtesy (phone, written, face to face) and active listening.
  • TEAMWORK STANDARD: Affirm a commitment to be a proud, dependable Tomah Memorial Hospital TEAM member through: basic customer courtesy, patient advocacy, flexibility, and valuation of each individual person.
  • QUALITY STANDARD: Affirm a commitment to provide respectful, compassionate, quality care with integrity to all Tomah Memorial Hospital customers (in-house & community-wide) through: job excellence, patient advocacy, and self-dignity.
  • PROFESSIONALISM STANDARD: Affirm a commitment to professional conduct towards all Tomah Memorial Hospital customers (in-house & community-wide) through: collaboration, teamwork, appearance, environment, and valuation of each individual person.
  • ATTITUDE STANDARD: Affirm a commitment to maintain a positive, professional perspective towards all Tomah Memorial Hospital customers (in-house & community-wide) through: honest feedback, confidentiality, basic customer courtesy, and valuation of each individual person.
  • Master of Science or Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy accredited program.
  • National and state certification required.
  • Current licensure to permit to practice as an Occupational Therapist in the state of Wisconsin.
  • Previous experience in related area of practice preferred.  Two years of experience as an outpatient staff therapist desirable.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent human relation skills as demonstrated by the ability to interface positively with all customers and employees.
  • Must acquire the knowledge and maintain established competency levels to perform essential occupational therapy practice.
  • Must have proficient computer skills with the ability to operate within a Windows environment.
  • Must have the ability to work with frequent interruptions, under stress, with minimal supervision, and to exercise initiative and judgment in analyzing, organizing, planning, prioritizing, scheduling and coordinating work with others.
  • Needs to possess as high level of intelligence, integrity, sense of responsibility and ability to comprehend and analyze details.
  • Ability to operate and handle many kinds of complex equipment.
  • Ability to demonstrate clinical competence and maintain current knowledge in caring for infant through geriatric patients.
  • Regularly required to use hands to finger, handle or feel objects, and talk and hear.
  • Regularly required to use hands and arms to provide massage-based first aid interventions for musculoskeletal discomfort.
  • The Occupational Therapist/Industrial Rehab Practitioner is frequently required to stand, walk and reach with hands and arms.  The Occupational Therapist is occasionally required to sit, climb or balance, stoop, kneel or crouch.
  • The Occupational Therapist/Industrial Rehab Practitioner must frequently lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.
  • Good hearing is necessary to receive detailed information through oral communication.
  • Visual acuity is needed to assess color changes, to verify accuracy of written materials and to administer and accurately prepare medications.