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  • Posted: Mar 17, 2019
Other Office and Clerical

Job Description

At Moffitt Cancer Center, the Don & Erika Wallace Comprehensive Breast Program boasts a multispecialty, full-service clinic that offers the latest in preventive care and support for all breast-related conditions. Located in our McKinley Outpatient Center near Busch Gardens, our breast clinic provides our patients with all of the services they need from a cohesive team of doctors and other experts who specialize in breast cancer, including:    


  • Fellowship-trained surgeons
  • Medical oncologists
  • Pathologists
  • Fellowship-trained radiologists
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Plastic surgeons and breast reconstruction experts
  • Social workers
  • Fertility preservation specialists
  • Genetic testing and counseling specialists  

Our Breast Oncology Clinic cares for 80-100 patients on a daily basis.  We are currently looking for a Clinic Coordinator Assistant to join our team. 


Position Highlights:

·       Request, obtain and organize patient workflow and the records and documents, slides, Films and other pertinent information using technological advances as well as other departments' specific systems.


·       Support privacy and confidentiality during management, request and receipt of medical records from patients, facilities, physician offices and other organizations. Manage, maintain and facilitate the flow of patient's medical records.


·       Navigate through multiple computer systems and services to manage and facilitate patient record access, flow and receipt.  Participate in process improvement activities.


The Ideal Candidate

·        The ideal candidate will have the following:

o   Oncology experience with focus on medical terminology.

o   An Associate's Degree in either Business or Healthcare related field.

o   Knowledge of Cerner systems or electronic medical record





·       Navigates through the scheduling system, views scheduling books and prints patient schedules.

·       Reviews the patient's itinerary and advises patient or staff of any questions or concerns.

·       Demonstrates thorough knowledge of the scheduling system as it relates to printing, viewing patient data, viewing itinerary, resource view, appointment dates and other pertinent data. 

·       Reiterates the completion of the Electronic Patient Questionnaire (EPQ) on the Patient Portal and advises them to complete it prior their first scheduled appointment.

·       Advises those patients without computers to plan on arriving 1 hour before scheduled appointment to complete the EPQ at the clinic prior to appointment. Coordinates with the primary nurse regarding patient records and can facilitates patient calls to appropriate personnel. 

·       Contacts/transfers calls to PSS or assigned staff regarding patient scheduling issues, conflicts or changes. 

·       Checks daily schedules for add-ons and reviews the new patient checklist and manages them as required.

·       Completes all reports and assignments regarding checklists and other duties.  Navigates through the patient's EMR and relevant systems. 

·       Works as part of the team to achieve results and shares equally in the department's successes and failures. 

·       Works effectively and constructively to find mutually beneficial solutions for all concerned parties



·       Manages, maintains and facilitates the flow of patient materials such as Imaging, Laboratory, Pathology, slides and other pertinent patient information for all new patients coming to the clinic. 

·       Requests and obtains records from facilities, outside services/vendors, outside providers and organizations as needed. 

·       Tracks the receipt of all records and ensure that they are received prior to their appointment with their Provider. 

·       Assists with problem solving and collaborates with all staff regarding patient records. 

·       Faxes, receives, copies and distributes records as needed. Submits record authorizations on behalf of the patients.

·       Demonstrates thorough understanding of privacy and confidentiality and adheres to the rules and standards established by the organization. 

·       Shows a willingness to go beyond scope of job expectations to insure that all customers are served. 

·       Uses discretion and confidentiality in discussions related to patient, personal or staffing issues.

·       Consents to internal/external recording of phone calls for quality assurance and training purposes.



·       Processes the records and submits/uploads/scans them into the patient's electronic medical record (EMR) via computer system, scanning, CD upload and other pertinent programs. 

·       Works with Health Informatics and Imaging support when records fails to upload, trouble shoots systems and communicates in order to manage the patient information and facilitates timely delivery. 

·       Verifies that all records upload/scan successfully into the EMR and understands the process of image processing, archiving, labeling and sending of images to the Picture Archive Computer System (PACS) Library. 

·       Understands the process and the importance of correct patient identification, image and record labeling and assignment into the EMR and PACS. 

·       Works with outside health record management companies to assure that records are received in a timely manner and communicates any delays or missing data prior to the patient's appointment date.

·       Navigate the vendor systems to facilitate work flow and access to information.  Multi-tasks and accesses multiple systems to enhance workflow and throughput. 

·       Operates scanning software, CD burning software and other pertinent systems for data management. 

·       Navigates the patient EMR and other relevant systems as required in completing all daily tasks.


Credentials and Qualifications:

·        High School Diploma or GED

·        2 years of administrative experience in a hospital or medical setting

·        Experience with Microsoft Office applications