Food Service Worker II

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  • 1201 South Miller Street Wenatchee Washington 98801 United States
  • Posted: Mar 18, 2019
Part-time Service/Skilled Workers

Job Description

Position Summary:

This job is responsible for taking orders from customers and expediting service and related food and beverage sales and/or operating an efficient trayline meal service. Incumbents may be assigned to either activity and will be cross-trained in both service areas. Food handling activities are performed in accordance with external and internal guidelines and regulatory guidelines, and an employee works effectively to minimize waste during the flow of food while maintaining a quality end product. Work includes accurate cash handling and incumbents must accurately follow internal procedures and conform to established standards. An employee is accountable for the accuracy of all assembled orders, maintaining par stocks, ordering supplies, and rotating products for maximum quality. Given the extensive contact with customers, an incumbent is expected to demonstrate excellent customer relation skills.

Essential Functions:

Essential Functions:

  • May prepare espresso orders for patients, staff, visitors and catering, using standard recipes and plating guidelines; assists customers with food and beverage orders by answering menu and recipe-related questions; utilizes suggestive selling techniques to maximize sales.
  • May operate patient trayline accurately and efficiently to meet designated timelines; dishes and garnishes assigned food items according to the appropriate menu.

  • May prepare patient orders following patient menu guidelines; prepares tray set-up according to tray guidelines; disassembles patient tray carts and washes/stores small wares accurately per designated timelines.

  • May deliver patient meal orders in accordance to our meal delivery guidelines.

  • Utilizes all functions of the relative Point-of-Sale (POS) system to expedite all forms of payment for products or services; reconciles cash bank and daily receipts at the end of shift in accordance with established procedure(s); reports out-of-balance conditions to management.

  • Inventories supplies to maintain accurate production par levels in the customer service, merchandising, and/or trayline service areas; completes production par lists, freezer pull lists, pre-meal checklists, requisitioning and waste sheets, and others of similar purpose.

  • Works cooperatively and effectively with staff, vendors, and the public to provide excellent value to all our customers. Uses proper business conduct when dealing with suppliers and customers. Tactfully coordinates needs and challenges with staff and supervisors. As needed will answer phone, deliver food, go to the store, and assist in other areas of the department.

  • Attends all required safety training programs and can describe responsibilities related to general safety, department/service safety, and specific job related hazards. Attends all required safety education programs. Provides complete and accurate responses to safety questions. Operates assigned equipment and performs all procedures in a safe manner as instructed. Maintains work area and equipment in condition required by department standards. Demonstrates proper body mechanics in all functions.

  • Follows the hospital exposure control plans/bloodborne and airborne pathogens. Demonstrates knowledge of techniques, procedures, and correct use of protective barrier equipment. Ensures a safe environment by instituting appropriate control measures. Attends annual education programs.

  • Demonstrates respect and regard for the dignity of all patients, families, visitors, and fellow employees to ensure a professional, responsible, and courteous environment. Interacts with all of the above in a considerate, helpful, and courteous manner as observed by supervisor and peers. Fosters mature professional relationships with fellow employees in a courteous, friendly manner as measured by management observation and peer input. Maintains professional composure and confidence during stressful situations. Maintains open communication using appropriate chain of command regarding issues. Conducts all work activities with respect for rights and wishes of patients, visitors, families, and fellow employees. Maintains confidentiality of all hospital and patient information at all times as observed by peers and management. Presents neat appearance in proper attire and identification as required by the position, department, and hospital policy. Continuously displays a ‘can do’ attitude within the department and across departmental lines to contribute to the overall customer service program in place at hospital.

  • Promotes effective working relations and works effectively as part of a department/unit team inter- and intradepartmentally to facilitate the department’s/unit’s ability to meet its goals and objectives. Participates in staff meetings as determined by supervisor. Supports the hospital’s mission, policies, and procedures through attendance and participation at committee meetings, if applicable. Utilizes automated system to communicate inter- and intradepartmentally, as appropriate. Completes work assignments on time/readily accepts assignments as observed by supervisor. Reports to work on time and is at work as scheduled, as observed by supervisor.

  • Follows procedures, standards of safety, and personal hygiene as required by the department. Hands are properly washed and hair covering worn when working with food. Reports to work in proper uniform. Follows the department safety rules.

  • Maintains a “clean as you go” work space.

  • Performs other duties as required or assigned.

    Demonstrate Standards of Behavior and adhere to the Code of Conduct in all aspects of job performance at all times.



    • One year of related work experience in the hospitality, retail or healthcare service fields, OR any combination of experience and education that would demonstrate the capability to perform the duties of the position.
    • Obtain and maintain a Valid Department of Health Food Handler’s permit issued by the State of Washington
    • Some knowledge of HACCP food handling standards and guidelines.
    • Ability to understand and apply business math as required by the duties of the position.
    • Ability to read, understand and communicate in English sufficient to perform the duties of the position.


    • High school diploma or equivalent.
    • AA Degree in Nutrition or Healthcare.
    • Knowledge of modified diets or healthcare experience.
    • Knowledge of the use and application of POS system.
    • Knowledge of the operation of trayline services and other food-handling activities.

    Physical/Sensory Demands:

    O = Occasional, represents 1 to 25% or up to 30 minutes in a 2 hour workday.
    F = Frequent, represents 26 to 50% or up to 1 hour of a 2 hour workday.
    C = Continuous, represents 51% to 100% or up to 2 hours of a 2 hour workday.

    Physical/Sensory Demands For This Position:

    Walking - F

  • Sitting/Standing - F

  • Reaching: Shoulder Height - O

  • Reaching: Above shoulder height - O

  • Reaching: Below shoulder height - F

  • Climbing - O

  • Pulling/Pushing: 25 pounds or less - O

  • Pulling/Pushing: 25 pounds to 50 pounds - O

  • Pulling/Pushing: Over 50 pounds - Not specified

  • Lifting: 25 pounds or less - F

  • Lifting: 25 pounds to 50 pounds - O

  • Lifting: Over 50 pounds - Not specified

  • Carrying: 25 pounds or less - F

  • Carrying: 25 pounds to 50 pounds - O

  • Carrying: Over 50 pounds - Not specified

  • Crawling/Kneeling - Not specified

  • Bending/Stooping/Crouching - O

  • Twisting/Turning - F

  • Repetitive Movement – F


    Physical Exposures:

    Physical Exposures For This Position:

    Unprotected Heights - No

  • Heat - Yes

  • Cold - Yes

  • Mechanical Hazards - Yes

  • Hazardous Substances - Yes

  • Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Potential - Yes

  • Lighting - Not specified

  • Noise - Yes

  • Ionizing/Non-Ionizing Radiation - No

  • Infectious Diseases - Yes