• Meritas Health
  • 6450 North Chatham Avenue Kansas City Missouri 64151 United States
  • Posted: Mar 14, 2019
Full-time Nursing

Job Description

At Meritas Health, we are committed to making a difference in our community and in the lives of our patients and employees, continuously improving the patient experience and employee engagement. We appreciate and value every member of our team.
If you are committed to providing quality, compassionate care, then we want you!

JOB SUMMARY: Provides patient care under the direction of a physician, nurse practitioner or other non-physician provider.  
  1. Education Graduate of accredited school of practical nursing, or accredited school of professional nursing. 2. Licensure: Current license to practice as a licensed practical nurse, or registered nurse in the State. 3. Experience: Minimum 2 year recent experience in a physician office setting, preferably in the clinic specialty. 4. Certifications: Current BCLS required.  Employment at Meritas Health Occupational Medicine requires drug screen and breath alcohol certification. 5. Special Skills:   6. Other: Basic office skills  
JOB SPECIFIC STANDARDS: All responsibilities and standards shall be performed according to established policies, procedures, and guidelines for Meritas.


Competently assists providers to maximize patient volume, administers medications, performs diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and returns patient calls in a timely manner.


Ensures effective patient communication and efficient patient flow.  Documents patient care accurately and timely.  Performs EMR tasks correctly and timely.  Processes patient referrals timely and follows up to ensure the specialist report or test result is received.


Follows all regulatory and patient safety clinical standards.


Works and communicates effectively with all providers.  Promotes teamwork.  Providers great customer service in person and on the telephone.


Demonstrates professionalism by articulating and demonstrating professional behavior, accepting responsibility and accountability for actions, adhering to policies and procedures, demonstrating leadership and supporting Meritas initiatives.  
All essential job functions and working conditions appropriate for the job are indicated here
    Technical/Motor Skills X Flexing/Positioning/Twisting (16)   Sensory Requirements X Inputting Data/Typing (1) X Standing (17) X Ability to See (1) X Copying (2)  X Holding (18) X Ability to Hear (2) X Calibrating Equipment  (3) X Ambulating/Mobility (19) X Ability to Feel (3) X Speaking Clearly (4)   Cardio-Respiratory Endurance (20)   Ability to Taste/Smell (4) X Answering Telephones (5) X Restraining (21) X Verbal Communication (5) X Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination (6) X Repetitive Activity (22) X Distinguish Colors (6) X Fingering/Fine Dexterity (7) X Static Holding (23) X Interpret Symbols (7) X Precise Manipulation (8) X Written Communication (24)     X Handling/Gripping (9) X Negotiate Stairs (25)   Working Conditions   Speed Movement/Velocity (10)     X Inside (1)       Mental Abilities   Outside (2)   Physical Requirements X Calculations (1)   Extreme Cold (3) X Lifting/Transferring/Carrying (1) X Manipulating Numbers (2)   Extreme Heat (4)   Sedentary: 10 lbs. max (2) X Interpreting Numbers/Data (3)   Temperature Changes (5)   Light: 20 lbs. max (3) X Analyzing (4)   Humidity (6) X Medium: 50 lbs. max (4)   Forecasting (5)   Extreme Noise (7)   Heavy: 100 lbs. max (5) X Assessing/Evaluating (6)   Fumes/Odors (8)   Very Heavy: >100 lbs. (6) X Explaining/Teaching (7)   Toxic Materials (9) X Pushing (7) X Synthesizing (8)   Dust (10) X Pulling (8) X Attention to Detail (9)   Poor Ventilation (11)   Climbing (9) X Memory (10) X Exposure/Use of Sharps (12) X Balancing (10) X Problem Solving/Reasoning (11) X Blood/Body Fluid Tissue(13) X Stooping (11) X Spatial/Form Perception (12) X Dangerous Equipment(14) X Kneeling (12) X Reading(13) X Regular Attendance(15) X Crouching/Squatting (13)     X Timely Attendance(16)   Crawling (14)         X Reaching (15)           Competitive compensation and benefit package. EOE; Post Offer Drug Screen.