Logistics Service Rep I/Courier

  • Mid America Clinical Laboratories
  • MACL - Regional Laboratory Indianapolis Indiana 46219 US
  • Posted: Mar 12, 2019
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Job Description

ROLE SUMMARY A. TASK STATEMENT: Pick up customer specimens and deliver reports and supplies to designated location(s) in a reliable and timely manner, monitoring the integrity of each specimen, while maintaining positive customer relations. B. POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Pick up specimens according to established route/schedule.  Adjust to changing route scheduled if required by client request. Will need to learn 2-3 routes to ensure continued and reliable customer service in the event of LSR absences. Deliver specimens to designated laboratory/logistics site using appropriate handling, storage, and transportation methods, including the use of Styrofoam containers, dry  ice, cold packs, etc., to maintain specimen integrity. Establish and maintain positive customer relations by being friendly, courteous, helpful, neat and clean while presenting a professional image. Performing such services as delivering confidential test reports and other types of information (e.g., new test information and holiday closures). Apprise your supervisor of circumstances that might impact future business. Document such things as customer complaints, decrease use of lab, and other types of observable competitive activities. Adhere to all safe driving regulations and vehicle maintenance procedures as established by governmental agencies and company policies. Complete and submit all administrative forms such as daily route reports, supply requisitions, and accident reports. Make route recommendations regarding improvements and changes. NOTE:  The previous statements describe the general nature and level of work performed by people assigned to this job.  This is not an exhaustive list of all the duties and responsibilities that an incumbent may be asked to perform. C. KNOWLEDGE: Education: High school diploma or equivalent. Specialized Knowledge: Valid state license and good driving record as defined by Corporate Safety Policy. Should be able to perform basic functions of the position within 2 weeks, and all functions within six months. Knowledge of geographical area covered by Logistics site.    D. MENTAL EFFORT: Independent Action: Independent actions should be minimal.  Performs routine duties working from standard procedures and detailed instructions. Follow standard department and company procedures.  Obtains input and from supervisors when necessary. E. REPSPONSIBILITY/ JOB IMPACT: Probable effect of improper specimen handling could require re-drawing specimen; customer discontent; incomplete or improper diagnosis of patient condition.  An extreme error could result in loss of a customer, malpractice and potential litigation.  Driving errors could result in damage to specimen/supplies/company equipment and/or bodily injury or death. F. CONTACTS/INTERNAL & EXTERNAL CUSTOMERS: Continuous contact with customer service site's. Continuous contact with Processing to deliver specimens. Continuous contact with Dispatch to receive and acknowledge calls. Continue contact with Supervisors to apprise of Route problems, changes or customer service situations