Placement Coordinator

  • Advanced College
  • 8338 West Lane
  • Posted: Mar 13, 2019

Job Description


The Placement Coordinator reports directly to the Chief Operating Officer and works with the staff and faculty focusing on improving student retention and student satisfaction. The Placement Coordinator is responsible for the effective coordination, delivery, evaluation, and refinement of student services throughout the campus. The Placement Coordinator ensures that all student services programs (e.g., student retention; assisting students in search of childcare, housing, healthcare, and transportation) are in alignment with the outcomes for student success as identified in the college’s strategic plan.


* Analyze progress and attendance reports to ensure students maintain passing grades and proper attendance.
* Maintain and monitor externship attendance and alert students as needed.
* Advise students regarding academic, attendance and program concerns.
* Assist students in resolving personal problems as they relate to school.
* Process Change of Status forms for all student course reschedules, unsatisfactory academic progress, conduct warnings, leaves of absence (LOAs), withdrawals and terminations.
* Resolve student conflicts; discipline students for misconduct; ensure disciplinary procedures are adhered to. Determine appropriate disciplinary action for student behavior.
* Collaborate with campus staff to resolve student concerns in placement, financial aid and admissions.
* Serve as a resource regarding policies, procedures and guidelines.
* Assist the Campus Director in planning and implementing student activities such as graduations, student appreciation days, and monthly student recognition events.
* Serve as a liaison among students, faculty and staff relative to their education program.
* Conduct and coordinate the new student orientation program.
* Provide students with tutoring assistance as needed or provide students with assistance to identify outside agencies that specialize in tutoring services meeting specific needs.

* Collaborate with the Program Directors to manage student retention efforts, trends and recommendations to drive improvements.
* Develop recommendations related to financial resources needed for student services and oversee the approved budgets for all service areas within the Office of Student Services.
* Develop and implement approved programs and/or services to meet the needs of students.
* Review, revise and approve production and distribution of materials for students prepared by the Office of Student Services.
* Oversee student events including orientation, student appreciation, awards ceremonies, graduation assistance, and other events as they develop.
* Continually assess student support services and participate in program reviews.
* Perform related work as required.

* Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and three years’ experience in student services.
* Demonstrate integrity and ethics; lead through open, honest communication; make decisions with the high ethical standards of the institution in mind.
* Disciplined yet dynamic; able to focus on quality outcomes across short time scales and adapt quickly to change as necessary.
* Results-oriented.
* Ability to network with outside organizations.
* Strong student-centered focus; commitment to student satisfaction and success.
* Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.
* Ability to prioritize tasks and manage deadlines appropriately.
* Excellent communication skills across all levels; able to communicate ideas and expectations clearly and concisely.