Clinics Manager

  • Colusa Medical Center
  • 199 E Webster St
  • Posted: Mar 08, 2019

Job Description

Colusa Medical Center, provides both inpatient and outpatient services, including emergency services, to the surrounding community bringing exceptional healthcare and service to our community.


Responsible for supervision of the Industrial Medicine Clinic, the Specialty Clinic, and the Rural Health Clinics. Also responsible for marketing the Industrial Medicine program.


High School Graduate/GED. Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills.


Position-Specific Standards::

* Oversight of Industrial Medicine Program, Rural Health Clinics and Specialty Clinic.
* Schedules staff for optimal clinics operation.
* Schedules alternate staff to cover absences as necessary.
* Staff is cross-trained to provide adequate clinic coverage.
* Increases revenue of the Industrial Medicine Program, the Specialty Clinic, and the Rural Health Clinics with the addition of new clients and/or services.
* Is knowledgeable of the various insurance policies held by local employers and how the hospital provides coverage under those policies. Guides employers in their decisions in selecting packages for their employees.
* Participates in appropriate civic or business organizations to represent the Hospital.
* Must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skill necessary to provide care and/or services appropriate to the age of the patients served in his/her assigned area. The skills and knowledge needed to provide such care may be gained through education, training or experience.
General Standards::

* Provides an environment that demonstrates competence, caring, and commitment to external and internal customer satisfaction.
* Demonstrates appropriate customer relations communications skills, actively listening, maintaining eye contact, using guest names, anticipating customer needs, and proactively offering assistance.
* Demonstrates good rapport and cooperative working relationship with all hospital staff.
* Demonstrates positive interpersonal relationships with staff.
* Answers the telephone professionally, identifying self and department. Handles telephone information requests with courtesy, accuracy, and respect for confidentiality. Returns telephone voice mail and messages appropriately.
* Maintains the confidentiality of patient and facility records and information.
* Does not abuse or take advantage of sick time or personal days off. Provides proper notification for absence or tardiness.
* Makes best use of time during assigned shift. Coordinates activities to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency during assigned shift. Attends to personal affairs on own time to avoid disrupting the work schedule.
* Completes time sheet accurately and on a daily basis.
* Utilizes company supplies efficiently.
* Conducts himself/herself in a professional manner at all times.
* Observes the Hospital/department dress code and wears ID badge.
* Attends all required education/inservice meetings.
* Complies with hospital safety and disaster policy and procedures. Demonstrates knowledge of and adheres to hospital and departmental safety regulations, disaster plans, infection control policies, and fire safety regulations, hazardous materials protocol.
* Always utilizes Standard Precautions for infection control.
* Identifies and reports unsafe practice and/or procedures as related to patient care.
* Identifies and reports unsafe conditions noted hospital wide that could contribute to potential falls or injuries by staff, patients, or visitors.
* Responds to and uses disaster codes appropriately.
* Demonstrates a working knowledge and understanding of National Patient Safety goals.
* Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.