Food and Nutrition Services Director

  • Heritage Villa Nursing & Rehabilitation
  • 310 East Lawrence St
  • Posted: Mar 07, 2019
Allied Health

Job Description

Position Summary::

Responsible for assisting in the preparation of resident and guest meal service. Responsible for the delivery of prepared food to all parts of the facility as well as perform duties in accordance with current regulatory standards and the established policies and procedures. Duties include: prepare and/or serve food items, set up tables and trays, wash tableware and cooking utensils, perform general cleaning tasks, and deliver soiled linen, etc., to the laundry.


* Ability to understand, remember and carry out oral and written instructions in English.
* Physical ability to lift/carry equipment, food supplies, etc., is necessary.
* Food service experience is preferred.
* Effective communication and interpersonal skills are necessary.
* Must successfully complete an accredited food handler training course, within 60 days of employment.
Essential Functions::

The following represents the essential functions of this job to be used to determine if an individual with a physical or mental impairment can perform these functions with or without reasonable accommodation. The other functions listed may be required of all other staff in the position.

* Assures that sanitation and quality standards are met for resident safety.
* Properly cleans and sanitizes dishes, service-ware, and equipment according to established schedules.
* Documents temperatures and sanitizer for equipment.
* Neatly arranges tray and/or table setting with proper tableware, condiments, and tray card.
* Performs various food preparation tasks and prepares snacks.
* Deliver prepared food to all areas of the facility.
* Prepares and serves beverages per menu/recipe.
* Prepare and/or deliver nourishments/supplements identified with resident name room number, date, and time.
* May maintain or assist in maintaining, dry storage areas by logging temperatures and handling .the unpacking, dating, and rotating of food and non-food supplies.
* Ensure that all work areas are clean and safe in accordance with sanitation, safety and infection control procedures.
* Unload and stock all sizes and weights of food items and supplies on shelves and in the walk-in freezers and refrigerators after deliveries. This requires the ability to safely bend, lift large, heavy boxes to shoulder height. Must be able to withstand extreme temperature variations of the kitchen and walk-in freezers and refrigerators while on duty.
* Deliver bulk food throughout the facility and return empty boxes and/or leftover food back to the kitchen.
* Perform daily scheduled cleaning duties in accordance with sanitation, safety and infection control policies and procedures including sweeping, mopping, scrubbing walls and equipment while wearing personnel protective equipment as instructed by supervisor.
* Remove and properly dispose of dietary trash several times a day.
* Clean trash receptacles as scheduled. Must be able to tolerate the use of personal protective equipment such as gloves, aprons and eye protection and withstand site and smell of food and garbage.
* Safely utilize equipment. Report any equipment needing service or repair immediately.
* Must be capable of maintaining regular attendance in accordance with facility absence policies.
* Delivers soiled linens to laundry.
* Adhere to dress code.
* Performs other duties/tasks as may be assigned.
* Attends required in-service training.
* Functions within the constraints of established policy, practice, and procedure.
* Activities are directed to the accomplishment of assigned tasks in a prescribed manner with little latitude for change or variation.
* Communicates in a professional and courteous manner using effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills with residents, their families, and co-workers.
* Maintains confidentiality of department, resident, employee information, communication, and documentation as well as compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.
* Clocks in and out for all working/training hours. Working off the clock will not be permitted at any time or for any reason.
* Maintain compliance with Daybreak’s Compliance program and plan.
* Adhere to the Daybreak Code of Conduct
* These duties are not all-inclusive but provide minimum performance expectations and will be reviewed in the performance process.