Medication Technician (Medication Assistant)

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  • Posted: Mar 05, 2019
Allied Health

Job Description

Purpose: :

The Medication Assistant is responsible for the care and assistance of medication administration of residents according to their Individual Service Plan and Physician Orders. They report to the Wellness Director or their designee.

Qualifications -:

Education and Experience::

* Each team member who assists or administers medication shall be authorized by the applicable state governing authority.
* Meet requirements of the state assisted living medication assistant guidelines
* Preferably experience in medication assistance with older adults.
* Experienced and interested in working with older adults.
* Demonstrates organizational skills
* Mature, pleasant, friendly, and cheerful personality.
Responsibilities -:

Essential Functions::

* Administer and/or assist with self- administration of prescribed medication to residents and maintain related medical records under the supervision of the RN and/or LPN.
* Verify identity of resident receiving medication and record name of drug, dosage, route, and time of administration on specified forms of records.
* Presents medication to residents and observes ingestion or other application, assists or administers medication, using specified procedures.
* Take vital signs or observes residents to detect respond to specified types of medication and prepares report or notifies designed personnel of unexpected reactions.
* Document reasons prescribed drugs are not ingested by resident.
* Adhere to community medication policies.
* Administers or assists with medication administration via the following routes: oral, topical, eye, ear and nose, rectal, transdermal, sublingual and buccal per state and certification guidelines.
* May receive supply of ordered medications from the pharmacy
* May record and restock medication inventory.
* Complete required annual medication training.
* Provide personal care to the resident in a compassionate and understanding manner.
* Under the direction of the RN or Wellness Manager, the medication assistant may perform the following duties:
* Provide bed bath, shower or tub bath as appropriate
* Provide appropriate care of skin, hair, nails, mouth and feet
* Provide good body alignment, positioning, and range of motion exercises for non-ambulatory patients
* Assist resident in and out of bed and with ambulation
* Assist resident with use of bedpan, urinal, commode and bathroom
* Assist with feeding and dressing residents
* Monitor and record temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure, as directed by the Wellness Manager. Significant changes in the resident’s condition will be reported to the Wellness Manager immediately.
* Change simple dressings and ostomy bags
* Assist with catheter cares
* Remind and assist resident in taking pre-measured medications
* Maintain an accurate and complete record of care provided and document observations appropriately
* Perform various housekeeping duties related to resident care
* Responsible for maintenance of electronic medical records, written documentation, assuring accuracy, completeness and compliance with regulations, certification standards, legal and ethical standards.
* Provides outstanding service to all Residents, family members, responsible persons, and visitors of Residents.
* Facilitates socialization among Residents by leading activities
* Invites and/or reminds Residents to participate in planned activities.
* Carries out other duties as assigned by the Wellness Director or designee to ensure smooth operation of the program and to meet resident needs
* May have their picture taken and image used in social media or community advertising.
* May be video recorded from devices installed by families in residents’ apartments.