Activities Assistant

  • Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury
  • 864 Shrewsbury Avenue
  • Posted: Feb 28, 2019

Job Description

Part Time-Week end hours required


The Activities Assistant will make a positive contribution to the lives of residents, and their families, by

providing opportunities for meaningful engagement and interaction. The Engagement Coordinator will be
responsible for supporting the Engagement Director in developing and implementing engagement programs
geared towards meeting a variety of physical and cognitive needs with a balance of productive, leisure, selfcare
and rest/spiritual activities, recognizing individuality and well being of each resident. The Engagement
Coordinator will also promote a high level of customer service and respect through living out the Arbor
Service Way vision and standards at all times.

Characteristics, responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to, the following::

* Deep Connections: We build deep, personal and trusting connections with residents and
family members, which allow opportunities to create meaningful moments that can enrich
the health and spirit of our residents and their families.
* Support the Engagement Director in collecting, maintaining and sharing resident life
stories, interests and preferences
* Assist in developing and implementing the community’s activity programs as requested by
the Engagement Director and as outlined in the Gem Level Programming Guidelines as
well as individual engagement opportunities as needed
* Work closely with the Engagement Director to involve and include all staff in leading and
supporting gem level activities and individual engagement opportunities
* Adhere to all norms associated with the Deep Connections standard
* Resident Care: Our competent and compassionate employees deliver exceptional, responsive
and individualized care to our residents.
* Respond to resident and family needs promptly communicate any changes to appropriate
* Adhere to all norms associated with the Resident Care standard
* Communication: We listen to, learn from, and communicate with our residents, family
members, and each other in a timely and honest manner.
* Use PPA (Positive Physical Approach) in all interactions with residents, family members,
visitors and co-workers
* Support the Engagement Director in maintaining a system for communicating with each
resident’s family
* Support the Engagement Director in maintaining a system to allow for electronic
communication between residents and their families and friends
* Assist in the production and distribution of the monthly newsletter and calendars as
* Assist in the production and posting of daily calendars and other daily communication
flyers as requested
* Return all e-mails and voice mails within 24 hours
* Adhere to all norms associated with the Communication standard
* First Impression: Everyone is welcomed with a warm and caring attitude and invited into a
beautiful, comforting atmosphere, which reflects the Arbor family values.
* Support the Engagement Director in decorating the community for holiday and special
* Assist with the design and maintenance of all bulletin boards and other areas of written,
public communication within the community as requested
* Maintain organization of activity/programming areas, including common areas where
applicable, in a neat and orderly fashion and coordinate cleanliness with the housekeeping
* Assist in positively marketing the community’s services to include:
* Reciting a 30-second commercial when prompted
* Adhere to all norms associated with the First Impressions standard
* People: We select employees who embrace the Arbor values. We provide consistent,
thorough orientation and ongoing training in order to develop exceptional, tenured
employees who have opportunities for growth and recognition.
* Achieve required level of cognitive care training, using applicable skills in every
interaction with residents, families and co-workers
* Seek out and attend educational opportunities to continue to build personal and
professional skills related to offering residents the best quality of life
* Seek out opportunities and become a member of local or national organizations related to
activities for seniors and/or dementia care
* Recovery: Any employee who receives a request or concern from a resident or family
member will “own” that issue or concern until it is resolved.
* Adhere to all norms associated with the Recovery standard
* Culture and Accountability: Our words and actions are inspired by our Arbor Values. We
demonstrate through our daily behavior our deep commitment to the well-being of seniors.
We are each personally accountable for ensuring that in every interaction with residents,
families, and co-workers, our actions reflect “The Arbor Service Way.”
* Assist in developing and achieving goals that support the Gem Level Programming
Guidelines as requested
* Follow the schedule for yourself as set by the Engagement Director
* Maintain community equipment in good condition and according to established processes
* Be willing to drive community vehicles as requested to support activity programs
* Be a positive supporter for change when the community introduces a new system, process
or program
* Follow all community procedures and policies, including those listed in the Orientation
Handbook, and do your best to live out the Arbor Service Way and its standards each day
* Adhere to all norms associated with the Arbor Culture and Accountability standards
* Other duties as assigned