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  • Posted: Feb 19, 2019
Other Nursing

Job Description

The work involves performing semi-skilled tasks associated with the care of patients and related clerical duties at the Erie County Medical Center Corporation.  The incumbent performs activities which support the daily functions and operations of an assigned patient care area.  Work is performed in accordance with the policies and regulations of Federal, State and local authorities, as well as, accepted standards of practice.  Work is performed under the direct supervision of an employee of higher rank.  Supervision is not a function of this position.  Does related work as required.



Assists with patient care and activities such as taking vital signs, height and weight, monitoring fluid input and output, performing catheterization, simple treatments and dressings, pre-procedure preps and 12 lead ECG, transporting patients and preparing patients and chaperoning during examinations/procedures;

Provides for patients' personal hygiene such as bathing, oral care, shaving, bowel and bladder elimination and administering cleansing enemas;

Cares for patient clothing and other personal property;

Feeds patients or assists with feeding, passes and collects trays and nourishments, sets up trays and adaptive feeding equipment, supplies water pitchers and glasses;

Applies anti-embolic stockings, ace wraps, abdominal binders, athrombic pumps, leggings, splints or prosthetic devices;

Distributes clean linens, makes beds;

Cleans bedside stand and bathrooms; provides general cleaning and housekeeping when necessary;

Transfers patients from bed to cart/chair/wheelchair and back utilizing appropriate devices and techniques;

Ambulates, positions and turns patients and cares for patients with altered mobility;

Assists with admission, transfer and discharge of patients;

Provides for patient safety related to age and condition, applies restraints, monitors patient while in restraint, releases restraints at designated intervals, maintains precautions, collects, reports and documents data related to patient needs, emergencies and unusual patient and family behavior;

Provides direct supervision and observation of patients who are at risk for harming themselves or others;

Provides and maintains a clean, safe environment and performs and or assists others to perform aseptic technique, isolation procedures and infection control measures;

Collects, reports and documents data; reports adverse situations and accidents;

Cleans patient care area after use and prepares for the next patient, maintains patient care areas with appropriate supplies; ensures equipment is in safe working order and requests repairs as needed;

Disassembles instruments for washing, washes equipment and wraps and labels instruments for sterilization;

Answers phones.




Working knowledge of techniques involved in feeding, bathing and caring for patients; working knowledge of first aid techniques; ability to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality of information and records at all times; ability to perform a variety of cleaning and housekeeping tasks; ability to assist in preserving the comfort of patients and residents; ability to assist in rehabilitation programs for the physically handicapped and mentally disorientated patients; ability to understand and follow simple oral and written instructions; ability to get along well with others; tact; compassion; physically capable of performing the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.


In addition, if assigned to the Radiology Department:

Working knowledge of New York State Department of Health 10 NYCRR Part 16 regarding radiation safety and uses.


 In addition, if assigned to the operating Room:

Working knowledge of sterilization processes and the type of sterilization that is required for supplies, equipment and instruments.



A)     Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma; or:

B)     Completion of two (2) years of high school and one (1) year of experience as an Aide in a hospital or health care facility; or:

C)     An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B).



Incumbent must complete first aid and advanced first aid programs when provided by the facility.


NOTE: Verifiable part time and/or volunteer experience will be pro-rated toward meeting full time experience requirements.