Patient Care Technician (PCT)

  • Stormont Vail Health
  • 1500 SW 10th Avenue Topeka Kansas 66604 United States
  • Posted: Feb 17, 2019
Full-time Nursing

Job Description

Member of the care delivery team will function under the direction of, and be assistive to, a Registered Nurse to provide delegated, direct patient care intervention, including the performance of sterile and non-sterile procedures.  Responsible to provide a safe environment for his/her assigned patients; to complete the assigned work; to monitor the patient for changes in condition and to report those changes to the RN; to document the work that he/she completes; and to document and report any pertinent observations as a result of the interventions.  This individual will also be responsible to accurately transcribe physician orders.
The delivery of professional nursing care at Stormont Vail Health is guided by Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caringand the theory of Shared governance, both of which are congruent with the mission, vision, and values of the organization.  Watson’s Caring Theory ensures the development of therapeutic relationships and involves human beings and their spirit in every aspect of care delivery, and is demonstrated through the implementation of ten (10) carative behaviors:
  • attentive listening
  • comforting
  • honesty
  • patience
  • responsibility
  • providing information to allow informed decisions
  • touch
  • sensitivity
  • respect
  • calling the patient by name
  •  Education/Experience:
    Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), OR Medical Assistant (MA), OR Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), OR nursing student who has successfully completed their first semester of nursing skills in an accredited nursing program; must successfully complete PCT checklist within 90 days of hire; must have a current BLS certification within 90 days of hire.