Physical Therapist

  • NHC Tullahoma
  • 1321 Cedar Lane
  • Feb 07, 2019
Allied Health

Job Description

General Purpose:

This position is responsible for supervising and participating in the implementation of a wide variety of Physical Therapy techniques for the rehabilitation of patients with disabilities, injuries or diseases. Considerable initiative and judgment are required in evaluating patients, recommending and providing treatments, monitoring, and interpreting patients’ reactions. If the therapist is also a department head, responsibilities will include oversight of department fiscal, maintenance and scheduling functions as well as supervision of clinical activities and training of physical therapy personnel. General supervision is received from a physician who monitors treatment results through written progress reports and observation of patients. The physical therapist is supervised by the FRC / CRC or a designee department head and is responsible for providing appropriate customer service to the Administrator or Director of the location being served.


* A graduate of an APTA accredited BS, MS, or DPT level course in Physical Therapy.
* Licensed in the state in which the physical therapist will be practicing.

* Thorough knowledge of the principles, methods, materials, and equipment used in physical therapy.
* Knowledge of the possible hazards to patients and necessary, precautionary measures during treatment.
* Ability to understand, interpret, and adapt a physician’s written or oral directions and to suggest treatment programs and outline expected benefits regarding physical therapy treatment.
* Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with patients, families, medical staff and other personnel.
* Ability to perform the mental, physical and emotional requirements of the job.
* Possess the initiative and judgment involved in planning, performing and supervising physical therapy services according to accepted standards of Physical Therapy practice.
* Thorough knowledge of third party reimbursement requirements for documentation and treatment. Seeks information from appropriate sources as needed.
* Maintain confidentiality of patient information.
* Flexible and adaptable to changing settings and patients.

* Able to lift 50 60 pounds as needed.
* Able to transfer, lift and guard patients safely with appropriate level of assistance and without likelihood of injury to the patient or self.
* Able to bend, stoop, squat, and lift numerous times daily.
* Able to carry out fine motor and manual dexterity skills required to perform physical therapy treatments for assigned caseload.
* Able to see and hear adequately in order to respond to auditory and visual needs and clinical indications of the patients. Able to communicate verbally as necessary.

* Direct and supervise physical therapy personnel in the provision of physical therapy services.
* Provide physical therapy services in accordance with physician order, applicable state regulation or guideline and delegate appropriate portions of the treatment program to physical therapist assistants or support staff.
* Instruct the physical therapy personnel in their delegated functions including: precautions, special problems, contraindications, anticipated progress goals and plan for reevaluation when delegating treatment functions.
* Complete or monitor that completion of documentation meets the procedures/guidelines of the location served and applicable state, federal and reimbursing agent requirements.
* Consult with patient, family, physicians, and other health care professionals as appropriate to ensure quality patient care and customer satisfaction.
* Provide in-service training in areas of expertise as appropriate.
* Regularly check physical therapy department and equipment for safety, care and cleanliness to ensure it meets all requirements of the location served.
* Recommend new equipment, changes in procedures, etc., as requested by the FRC/CRC, Regional Coordinator/Manager, or the administrator/director of the location served.
* Perform public relations functions including contacts with the medical and general community regarding available physical therapy of other rehabilitation services.
* Effectively manage fiscally through appropriate staffing, time management, equipment, and supply expenditures and caseload management.
* Participate with the interdisciplinary treatment team at the location served in the development of overall plan of care for each patient appropriate for physical therapy.
* Perform other duties as required and/or assigned.
* Provide current schedule to appropriate person and notify if changes occur.
* Complete time/expense reports accurately and submit in a timely manner.
* Submit Benefit Claim form as required for reimbursement.
* Comply with location policies and procedures.
* Collaborate with director of nursing and/or social worker on Medicare admissions.
* Maintain and update credentials as needed.
* Provide physical therapy services in the most cost effective manner.
* Resolve problems by using the appropriate chain of command.
* Act in a manner which serves to represent NHC’s professional, ethical, and quality standards.